Dunwoody Esports

Dunwoody College of Technology has officially joined the highly-popular world of competitive online gaming, with an official Esports team.

This new extra-curricular activity is open to all Dunwoody students, with three levels of competitiveness: varsity, junior varsity, and club. Tryouts for the upper-level teams are held in the fall.

As part of joining the world of Esports, the Dunwoody campus features a high-tech gaming arena for both players and spectators.

SPRING 2024 tryouts are here!

Interested in joining the Hawks Esports program as a player? Fill out the form corresponding to the game you would like to play! Erik Alexander, Esports Coordinator, is holding individual tryouts. Make sure to join the Dunwoody Hawks Discord before you fill out the form so Erik can contact you.


Club Games

Want to play Minecraft with other students? Join the Dunwoody Hawks Discord.

Esports Teams

Varsity Program

Brings together the top collegiate talent from around the world.

Junior Varsity Program

Competitive league of high-level players.

Club Level

Designed for students who want a fun, but still competitive, online gaming environment.

Follow Us on Social

Stream matches, follow our progress, and connect with the team on several social platforms.


Erik Alexander

Esports Coordinator

Phone: 612.374.8243


Kelli Sattler, Ed.D.

Dean of Student Affairs


Gaming Arena

Dunwoody’s dedicated high-performance gaming arena features state-of-the-art facilities and gaming stations. The arena is equipped with high-end gaming equipment including HP® Omen 45L gaming computers and displays, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards and Hyper-X accessories.