Scholarships at Dunwoody

Did you know that Dunwoody distributed more than $3 million in scholarship dollars last year?

Our goal is to make sure that every student who dreams of attending Dunwoody is able to do so. That’s why we help you navigate financial aid options, offer numerous scholarship programs, and partner with local and national organizations to help you secure additional funding.

Internal scholarships

General Scholarships (no application)

Each year, many of Dunwoody’s partners, alumni, and friends donate funds to Dunwoody to use for student tuition scholarships.

Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $10,000 per year. Criteria for each scholarship varies. Common criteria includes GPA, area of study, and financial need.

If you are interested in receiving one of these scholarships, you must have a completed FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office. There is no separate application for internal scholarships—having a completed FAFSA qualifies you for funds. Students who complete their FAFSA early are given priority for scholarship dollars. The sooner you complete your FAFSA, the more likely you are to receive a scholarship.

If you are awarded a scholarship, an email will be sent to your Dunwoody email account notifying you of the award.

The list of scholarships change every semester based on donations.

First Year Dunwoody Scholarships (application required)

Dunwoody also offers several larger annual scholarships. These include:

  • Women In Technical Careers (WITC): for women students pursuing a technical degree defined as non-traditional for women.
  • Pathways 2 Careers (P2C): for both underserved and under-represented high school juniors and seniors as well post-traditional adults.
  • Construction Career Pathway Scholarship: for under served and under resourced individuals from a diverse population interested in a career in the construction industry
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW): for students who have participated in, and passed, PLTW classes in high school.
  • FIRST Robotics: for students who have been members of the FIRST Robotics team in high school.
  • Super Mileage: for students who have participated in the Super Mileage challenge in high school.
  • Highschool Engagement: for students who have participated in extracurricular activities in the areas of engineering, design, automotive, computers, and robotics and manufacturing through participation in related high school programs, clubs, and organizations.
  • Esports: for students who have participated in Esports or are part of a current Esports league.

NOTE: Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of the semester and will be removed or reduced if you do not complete the term. If you receive additional need based funding, previously awarded scholarships may also be removed or reduced.


External scholarships

Dunwoody students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships. These scholarships come from outside organizations and donors and are emailed out to students every Tuesday in the DC Weekly e-newsletter.

External scholarships have come from organizations like:

  • AASP
  • ACG
  • AWC
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Ethel Curry
  • MBEX
  • Minnesota Concrete Council CEAM
  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship
  • NEWH
  • Nordson BUILDS
  • Page Foundation
  • VAA
  • Wasie
  • Wallin Education Partners

National Scholarships

Some national organizations offer scholarship opportunities. Helpful websites to learn more about these, include:

Local organizations and businesses specific to your area of study may also have available scholarships. Be sure to check out their websites or talk to your instructors.

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