School of Design Expo 2023

Welcome to the School of Design at Dunwoody College of Technology! It is with great pride and excitement that we share the work of our graduating students.

This event is an expression of their creativity, dedication, skill, and passion.

Friday, May 19, 2023 | 9 a.m. to noon
Dunwoody College of Technology | 818 Dunwoody Blvd., Minneapolis

Featuring the work of students in:

Architecture | Graphic Design | Interior Design


School of Design 2023 EXPO

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A Message from the School of Design:

It is with great pride and excitement that we share the work of our graduating students. Over the last year, our students have continued to shine, reminding us that the future of our professions is in capable hands.

This year’s Design Expo book is an expression of their creativity, dedication, skill, and passion. The design and layout of the book was executed entirely by our students under the guidance of our dedicated faculty. We are grateful for their efforts in bringing this project to life, as well as the continued support of the administration of Dunwoody College of Technology, our Program Advisory Committees (PAC). and industry partners.

The goal of this book is to capture the spirit and character of our programs and to showcase the work of our students. It provides a glimpse into our vibrant and diverse learning community and serves as an archive of our collective history. The book is structured into three parts, highlighting the work in each of the School of Design’s programs: architecture, graphic design, and interior design. While each discipline has a distinct character and focus, they share a common underpinning grounded in hands-on, real-world learning.

The book accompanies our School of Design Expo; an annual celebration of a year-in-the-life of our school. It is an opportunity for our industry and community partners to engage with our students as they prepare to enter their professions.

Employers consistently tell us that our graduates are technically competent, creative thinkers ready and able to contribute on day one. We value our industry relationships and owe much of our success to the industry professionals who enrich our student experience by serving as studio reviewers, mentors, PAC members, and adjunct faculty.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of the School of Design, we would like to thank our students, colleagues, and industry partners, along with family and friends whose support has made this work possible. We hope that you will enjoy the work presented in this year’s Design Expo book and invite you to get involved, stay connected and celebrate our graduates as they embark on their careers.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Level One Partner, HGA for their generous support.

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Trevor Bullen, Dean, School of Design
Korrin Howard, Director, School of Design