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Dunwoody is the college for designers who want to bring their work to life.
If you’re looking to unleash your imagination, we’re here to help you make your future.

Turn your love for design into a career

Because it’s a center for numerous major industries, including consumer goods, construction, and medical technology, the Twin Cities is a great place to launch a design career.

And because the local design scene supports everything from small design shops to medium-size firms to large companies, you’re sure to find an employer that fits your interests, career ambitions, and preferred workplace environment.

Dunwoody’s degree offerings focus on both design theory and design technologies with an emphasis on completing real-world projects. You’ll graduate with a portfolio of work that’s polished, professional, and proves you’re ready to hit the ground running.

School of Design

Dunwoody’s School of Design offers:

  • A five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree for those looking to become licensed architects
  • A two-year Graphic Design & Production degree for those interested in digital, print, and packaging design
  • A four-year Interior Design degree for those interested in commercial and high-end residential design

Dunwoody also offers:

  •  A two-year Engineering Drafting & Design degree for those interested in product and manufacturing design
  • A two-year Electrical Construction Design & Management degree for those interested in designing electrical systems

Request Design Programs Info

Request Design Programs Info

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