Paying for College

Paying for college can be a challenge.

Dunwoody has a team of professionals who can give you individualized attention and help you figure out how best to pay for your education. There are numerous options available, and every situation is a little bit different. Most students end up funding their Dunwoody education with a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and personal payment. The most important thing is to explore all of your options.

An education that is worth more

A Dunwoody education is an investment in your future. According to our most recent employment data, Dunwoody graduates reported an average salary of $55,876, within six months following graduation (Source: 2021-2022 Career Services Annual Report)

From there, the future only grows brighter. According to the Equality of Opportunity project, twenty percent of Dunwoody graduates moved up two or more income quintiles after earning their degrees. Only one other college in Minnesota had a percentage of students who achieved this level of economic success.

And the success doesn’t stop there:

More than 40 percent of Dunwoody graduates achieve the top 20 percent of income brackets later in life. Not only does this rank Dunwoody one of the highest among other colleges in Minnesota, but also among the highest of other four-year, not-for-profit colleges in the nation.

Explore your options