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At Dunwoody, you’ll learn from the best – passionate instructors who want you to one day lead the industry they love. They will help you build skills for your career, competence on state-of-the-moment technologies and, most importantly, confidence in yourself.

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We offer more than 45 majors across these in-demand industries.

Career Paths

Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your career, or if there is a path you want to explore, Dunwoody has the right programs for a lifetime of success.

Getting a Job After Dunwoody

You may have heard that 98.7% of Dunwoody graduates are fully employed in their chosen career within one year of graduating, but do you know why? Along with the skills and knowledge you will learn at Dunwoody, our Career Services Center has powerful connections with industry executives, who want to hire Dunwoody graduates.