Help With Math

The Elftmann Student Success Center provides learning services in mathematics for all Dunwoody students, particularly in algebra, Boolean algebra, trigonometry, geometry, physics, and electronic circuits. Individual and small-group study sessions, interactive math workshops, staff-led Guided Study Recitations, online resources, and math study skills are provided on a drop-in basis.

The Center provides a safe, supportive, and friendly learning environment.

Math Guided Study

Staff in the Elftmann Student Success Center provide support and guidance to students throughout their technical program by offering free Guided Study Recitations. During Guided Study Recitations, staff facilitate discussion and practice in various areas including electronics, mathematics, and Boolean algebra/digital theory. Online resources and self-assessment practice are also available.

Areas of Support


  • Algebra
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Formula Transposition
  • Basic Electrical Physics (Ohm’s and Watt’s Laws)
  • Basic physics of the electron
  • Using Ohm’s and Watt’s Laws

Circuit Analysis

  • DC series circuits
  • Parallel circuits
  • Combination circuits
  • Relationship between Ohm’s and Watt’s laws
  • Problem-solving techniques for hypothetical scenarios

Logic Circuit Analysis

  • And Gates, Or Gates, Nand Gates, and Nor Gates
  • Techniques for analysis of logic circuits
  • Integration of Boolean algebra and binary manipulations with logic circuit analysis

Additional Information

For more information, contact Eeris Fritz:, 612-381-8122, Black 52D or Classroom A in the Elftmann Student Success Center.

Eeris holds Guided Study Help Sessions 2 – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday or by appointment.