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Resources for those Born To Do

Surrounded by People Just Like You

Being a Dunwoody student is a bit different than what you might think being a college student is like. That’s because Dunwoody students are different – they are makers, doers, and creators.

Right away, you will find a community of people just like you; confident students determined to take on the world. We have many avenues to get to know your classmates, in both educational and more conversational ways.

Go ahead and say hello, after all, you’ll be working with many of them in the future.

And, our friendly Dunwoody staff and faculty are also here to help you every step of the way.

The place for
Generation Do

Campus Services

Dunwoody has many programs and services to help you succeed in college and out of it. From health resources to tutoring and career counseling, we are here for you at every step of your education and beyond.

Student Experience

Find new ways to connect outside the classroom. Join one of our student organizations, plan campus events, and network with industry.

Show Your Dunwoody Pride

Purchase your Dunwoody gear from the campus bookstore, which is managed by Barnes & Noble.