The Dunwoody Fund

Dunwoody students are the innovators, collaborators, problem-solvers and creative thinkers of tomorrow. They are the top technicians, future leaders and needed entrepreneurs who will fuel change, spark job creation and spur economic growth.

Every day, friends and supporters like you make a difference in the lives of those students and contribute to a brighter future for our community. Your support provides state-of-the-art learning labs and facilities, industry-current curriculum and financial assistance to hundreds of Dunwoody students.

As a private, non-profit College, Dunwoody depends on support from individuals and organizations to help our students reach their goals and meet industry demands for a skilled workforce. For more than a century, Dunwoody has been changing lives and building opportunities – fulfilling a mission that William and Kate Dunwoody outlined so many years ago – to prepare graduates for “the better performance of life’s duties.” (Quote from the Last Will and Testament of William Hood Dunwoody).