Audi Education Partnership

Dunwoody’s Audi Education Partnership (AEP) program is an online credential specifically intended for students who are already working at an Audi dealership or would like to work at one.

Throughout the program, you will have access to Audi Web Based Training (WBT) through Audi’s Certification Resource Center (CRC) Access, which provides foundational training on engines, transmissions, brakes, and electrical systems.

Students complete Audi’s online training modules on their own time. Access to the training modules is available 24/7 at no additional cost to the student.

Training credentials are awarded directly from Audi and are recognized nationwide at any Audi Dealership.

Upon completion of the certificate, students are able to take additional courses and training through Audi so they may begin Audi’s Fast Track program, which is required to become a certified Audi Service Technician 1.

Current students who are interested in this training should contact Audi Coordinator Steve Reinarts at or 612.381.8186.

NOTE: The Audi Education Partnership program is only available to students who are currently enrolled in Dunwoody’s Automotive Service Technology program. If you are not yet enrolled, apply to Dunwoody or Request More Information using the buttons below.

Class topics include:

  • Engine Management Systems
  • Audi Engine Fundamentals
  • Audi Drive Select
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Audi Heating, Ventilation & A/C
  • Audi Hybrid Aware
  • Audi Manual Transmissions

View Program Requirements

To view credential requirements, download the fact sheet:

Fact Sheet: AEP

Recent Employers of Graduates

Companies that hire our graduates include:

  • Audi Minneapolis
  • Audi St. Paul

For additional information on automotive career paths and current job openings, visit

Common Job Titles

Possible job titles upon graduation include:

  • Audi Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) Certified Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • General Service Technician
  • Light Duty Technician