Construction Sciences & Building Technology

No industry is growing like construction. And employers—especially in the metro area—are searching for resourceful, innovative, and forward-thinking students who can design, create, and service the built environment.

Dunwoody’s Construction Sciences & Building Technology department is for those who are interested in making buildings more safe and comfortable. Areas of study include construction management, HVAC,  electrical construction, electrical design, power and construction engineering technology, land surveying, and civil engineering technology.

At Dunwoody, students hit the ground running.

Through interdisciplinary projects and shared labs, students throughout all construction programs learn to work together—both at Dunwoody and in the real-world. This collaboration allows students to graduate with not only knowledge of their chosen field, but also a solid awareness of industry trends, best practices, and green and sustainable concepts.

Our instructors come directly from industry. They have real-world experience, hold industry-specific certifications, and are passionate about their field and how the next generation of students can better serve it. And through partnerships with both local and national organizations, our curriculum, tools, equipment, and software are continuously updated.

Thanks to numerous site visits, guest speakers, real-life projects, and internship opportunities, students leave Dunwoody with a robust portfolio, competitive resume, and the skills needed to become an industry leader.

Several Construction Sciences & Building Technology programs provide an online option, including: Construction Management; Electrical Drafting & Estimating, Electrical Construction Design & Management; and Power & Construction Engineering Technology.

Continuing Education Courses

Get the skills you need

With Dunwoody Continuing Education you can enroll in select evening courses without having to apply to the College. This allows you to easily and quickly enhance your technical skills while still being able to take advantage of Dunwoody’s project-based, learn-by-doing educational approach.

Note: since classes are taken for credit, they can later be applied to a Dunwoody degree or certificate.

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Electrical Estimating | Lecture/Laboratory

Detailed estimation and project management of electrical construction projects using industry software. Scheduling and bidding of construction projects and project documentations.

Advanced Estimating | Lecture/Laboratory

Advanced analysis of cost estimating and bidding methods using industry practices and methods to oversee and manage the successful procurement of electrical construction projects.

Construction Planning & Scheduling I | Lecture/Laboratory

Analyze a sequence of construction tasks using network diagrams, Gantt charts, and the critical path method to create a project schedule.

Electrical Planning & Scheduling | Lecture/Laboratory

Create a sequence of construction tasks using industry methods to generate construction schedules with preplanned and design build work-flow analysis. Examine potential conditions that impact planning of projects including supply chains, logistics of materials and equipment, and the workforce.

Construction Estimating I | Lecture/Laboratory

Integrate material quantities with costs through take-offs, estimates and bid analysis, to predict project costs.

Contact Department Dean & Directors

Heather Gay

Director of Construction Management, Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Business Management

Phone: 612.381.3382

Jeff Chase

Director, Electrical Construction & Maintenance, Electrical Design, and HVAC

Phone: 612.381.3329

Polly Friendshuh

Dean of Construction Sciences & Building Technology

Phone: 612.381.8107