Robotics & Electronics

Automated systems, including robotics, are key to how the modern world works. This is especially true of manufacturing where robotics, controls, and electronics are integrated into every step of the process.

With a globally competitive workforce—especially here in Minnesota—manufacturing companies are always looking for workers with the technical and business skills to help them stay ahead of the pack.

Robotics & Electronics majors tend to attract those who like to assemble and program components to accomplish specific tasks from automating a packaging line to programming a robot to play a tune on a keyboard. They like to find creative uses for a wide variety of technologies.

Students prepare for a wide variety of technician, assembler, mechanic, and engineering positions across a range of industries. Students master the latest technologies from several disciplines and collaborate with students from across the College.

Dunwoody’s lab spaces feature state-of-the-moment equipment, much of it donated by industry partners like FANUC, Epson SCARA, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Zeiss, and Cognex. Instructors have industry experience and professional certifications. They work closely with industry leaders to make sure curriculum and equipment align with the current and future state of manufacturing.

Contact Department Dean & Director

Alex Wong

Director of Engineering Drafting & Design and Machine Tool

Phone: 612.381.3092

E.J. Daigle

Dean of Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Automotive Technology, Health Sciences, & Strategic Partnerships

Phone: 612.381.8172