Become the Diagnoser the world needs!

In a complex, high-tech world, diagnosers are needed to figure out what’s wrong and how to keep everything going when things break down.

For example:

  • automotive technicians use high-tech tools to diagnose and repair vehicles.
  • computer networking engineers and IT support specialists make sure computer networks and hardware are working, secure, and optimized.
  • electrical engineers apply their skills to both electronics and electrical systems across a variety of industries.
  • HVAC technicians install, monitor, and repair heating, air, and refrigeration systems in commercial and residential buildings.
  • radiologic technicians use imaging technologies so doctors can diagnose medical problems.

What you should know: diagnosers find satisfaction in taking something apart and figuring out what’s gone wrong or how it could work better. They are creative problem-solvers at their core.

Dunwoody’s approach: you learn the basics in the classroom and then apply that learning in the lab when you are presented with a problem and use tools and equipment to diagnose and fix it.

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Doer Quiz: Diagnosers

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