Put your inner dynamo to work!

Dynamos find the creative within the practical–always looking to brainstorm and test new ways of doing things to make the product or process better or more streamlined.

For example:

  • electrical designers figure out how to weave critical electrical and other infrastructure into architectural plans
  • electronics technicians design, install, and troubleshoot a wide variety of electronic equipment
  • controls engineers program and maintain a variety of controls systems and industrial robots
  • machinists program and operate the machine tools used in precision manufacturing facilities
  • mechanical engineers apply engineering principles to a wide variety of projects and products in many different industries
  • welders make repairs and create parts and tools that aren’t available off the shelf

What you should know: dynamos bring precision to the job, finding satisfaction in getting the details just right and troubleshooting problems.

Dunwoody’s approach: project-based learning that gives you experience with the entire process from design to production to trouble-shooting and improving. That way you’ll be ready to contribute once you’re out working in the field.

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Although any of Dunwoody’s majors and programs could work for you, as a Dynamo, you might want to explore one or more of the following