Program Investment

Investments in programs, faculty, and initiatives to support and encourage student success will attract new students to Dunwoody, growing its population of women, low-income students, students of color and those from Greater Minnesota. Investing in these programs and opportunities will transform lives and provide the expanded workforce our industries and communities need to improve productivity and fuel business growth.

Because technology is always changing, Dunwoody needs to make continual investments across all of its technical degree programs. But due to changing student demographics, new degree offerings, the College is looking for specific program investment in the following areas:


Working together with industry, Dunwoody has launched a School of Engineering with degree options in electrical, mechanical, software, and industrial engineering technology. During the start-up phase, these degree offerings have been able to share resources with the two-year degree programs, but as enrollment grows there will be a greater need for investment that directly supports the School of Engineering.

If you are interested in helping fund the School of Engineering, please contact Brian Nelson at the contact information below.


Changing demographics in the State of Minnesota means that the next generation of technical students will need to be more diverse than ever before if we want to meet the workforce needs of employers.

In addition to the money being raised for scholarships, Dunwoody is looking to invest in initiatives that attract more women students and students of color to the College–and, most importantly, help them succeed when they get here. At Dunwoody, these initiatives are:

  • Women’s Initiatives, which provide a variety of support and programming to help female students succeed in technical careers. Programs include Women in Technical Careers (WITC), which provides a scholarship of up to $10,000/year, professional workshops, an industry mentor, and more.
  • Pathways to Careeers Program, which helps high school juniors and seniors from under-represented backgrounds prepare for college-level studies and explore technical careers. Students participate in a summer program and monthly workshops and mentoring during the school year. P2C students who choose to attend Dunwoody also receive a scholarship of up to $10,000/year for two years.

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Vice President of Institutional Advancement

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