Make Curiosity a Career

Dunwoody is for people like you.
Lectures can be useful. But our students are makers, creators, problem-solvers. They learn by doing. At Dunwoody, you learn principles in the classroom, then reinforce that learning by bringing projects to life in the lab, shop, or studio. Or as we like to put it: Labs, Not Lecture Halls.

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Ninety nine percent job placement in field of studyDon’t Seek Be Sought

College is a great time to learn and grow. But let’s be honest: that all needs to lead to a job after graduation.

Dunwoody has a long track record of launching graduates into immediate, well-paying jobs and great careers.

In fact, 99% of our recent graduates found a job in the field for which they studied. Their average starting salary is $47,490. And we received 15.7 job inquiries per graduate.

Degree Options That Work For You

Dunwoody offers 46 associate’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as a handful of certificates. Many of our degrees have both day and evening options. And our offerings span many industries and types of careers. Degrees also stack so that you can start working after your first or second year of study, and then continue on and earn a bachelor’s degree (if that’s your ultimate goal).

Study in Minneapolis

Located just off of downtown Minneapolis, Dunwoody’s centrally located campus means that it’s easy to get to no matter where you choose to live or how you commute to campus. And our close proximity to major regional, national, and international companies; sports, music, and arts venues; and fantastic restaurants, trails, and parks means your college experience isn’t limited to what’s on campus.

Discover Where You’ve Always Belonged

A small private, non-profit college, Dunwoody creates a community of people who are passionate makers, doers, and creators. The goal of our faculty and staff is to help you unleash your creativity and connect with you others who share that same passion. To accomplish that, we treat you as a future professional from your first semester. And at Dunwoody, you are in your major and with your cohort of fellow students from day one.

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The best way to learn more about Dunwoody is to talk to an admissions counselor and set up a campus tour so you can meet faculty, students, and staff and check out our amazing labs, shops, and studios. To request more information, fill out the form above or contact Dunwoody Admissions at 612.374.5800 or