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Meet The Hawks: Dunwoody’s First Mascot in 80+ Years

The College Also Announces its First Ever Esports Team

Dunwoody College of Technology, a private, non-profit institution and pioneer in technical education, today announces its new mascot, the Dunwoody Hawks, and the college’s entrance into the highly-popular world of competitive esports.

The Hawks: Soaring to New Heights

Dunwoody is excited to introduce students, alumni, faculty, and community members to the Hawks, a new mascot for their first-ever esports team, campus life, and student activities. The creation of the hawk mascot embodies the pride, dedication, and creativity of Dunwoody’s community.

“Hawks have always been a part of the Dunwoody landscape and by using the hawk as our new mascot we honor that history,” said Rich Wagner, Ph.D., President of Dunwoody College of Technology, “Hawks are intelligent and creative creatures and we believe that those strengths and skills are reflective of our students and staff.”

Hawks have been living on Dunwoody’s campus for more than a century and the mascot design was inspired by a photo of a hawk that lives on Dunwoody’s campus.

Dunwoody Hawks Esports Logo

Collegiate Esports: Learn by Doing

Dunwoody is officially joining the highly-popular world of competitive online gaming, with an official esports team, which embraces the college’s mission of learning by doing. Dunwoody’s esports team will compete against other college and university teams in up to three online gaming leagues, which may include Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Apex Legends.

“The creation of an esports team is a great fit for Dunwoody. This team will allow our students to bridge STEM academic foundations with sports,” said Scott Stallman, Provost of Dunwoody College of Technology, “Esports are a great opportunity for students who are looking to explore new opportunities that allow them to think strategically, while learning new skills and building connections across campus and the entire esports community.”

Extreme Networks Inc. reports that esports programs help to improve campus experiences and to boost overall student recruitment and retention. Dunwoody students interested in joining the esports team can learn more online and team tryout information will be released in early October.

For more information on Dunwoody visit or follow the College on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is the only private, not-for-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. Having provided hands-on, applied technical education to more than 250,000 individuals, Dunwoody is the college for experimenters and makers, a place where the curious and the confident learn by doing. Located in Minneapolis, Dunwoody offers a unique campus experience in dedicated labs, studios, and shops that treats students like future professionals from day one. With certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees in more than 46 majors – including engineering, robotics, design and other STEM-related fields – Dunwoody challenges students to come determined and graduate destined.