Industry In Residence Program

Bridging the gap between the workplace and the classroom

Dunwoody College of Technology is launching an Industry in Residence program for Fall 2023. The pilot program will partner with businesses to provide teaching opportunities to industry members who are interested in teaching a single-semester in their area of expertise.

Industry in Residence instructors will bring their real-world applications into the classroom, allowing students the opportunity to learn from those currently working in their field of study.

Businesses choosing to partner with Dunwoody for this innovative new program will be educating the next generation of skilled professionals needed in their industry.

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” Many companies have approached Dunwoody to explore ways to deepen their connection with the college, our students, and graduates. Many have challenged us to develop more ways for them to contribute to our student’s education and foster additional opportunities to connect with students beyond our annual industry and career activities. We are excited that so many industry partners are eager to develop this deeper connection. “

Scott Stallman


Application & Selection Process

Dunwoody College is now accepting applications for the Industry in Residence Program. Industry partners interested in participating in the program can submit an application via the form below for each employee who is interested and qualified for this unique teaching experience.

Industry in Residence Expectations

Industry Partners

  • Individuals selected for the Industry in Residence program will remain employed by their company during their teaching assignment.
  • Companies participating in the program will receive several benefits, including: free registration as a gold sponsor for the fall and spring career fairs, on-campus and online recognition of Industry in Residence instructors, a blog story and social post announcing their selection into the program, and an invitation to an end of semester social event with students.
  • Nominees must meet all education qualifications and degree requirements to be accepted into the program.

Industry in Residence Instructors

  • Prior to beginning in the classroom, each Industry in Residence instructor will complete Dunwoody’s employee orientation and teacher training session as is the requirement of all Dunwoody adjunct faculty.
  • Course curriculum, teaching materials, training, and equipment will be provided by Dunwoody College of Technology. Courses will be set by Dunwoody College based on program and curriculum needs.
Industry in Residence

Industry in Residence

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