Capital Investment

As a private, not-for-profit institution of education, Dunwoody relies on donations from alumni and friends of the College to make capital investments in the campus infrastructure.

An initial $10 million for capital projects has already been raised and used to remodel the main building’s gymnasium into a new Welcome Center and Learning Commons.

Dunwoody is seeking an additional $10 million of capital investments.

These capital investments will create new classrooms, offices, and collaborative learning spaces within the historic Dunwoody campus in support of the College’s Strategic Plan and support current and planned programs. New learning and collaboration spaces will support the growing need for more engineers, the talent gap in other STEM-related career areas, and Dunwoody’s institutional goal to attract and serve an increasingly diverse student body.

School of Engineering

With library resources now moved to the new Learning Commons, space is now freed up in the center of the main building for the School of Engineering. This space would include a two-story digital lab and high-tech presentation space for engineering students as well as administrative offices for the dean and other staff and faculty.

Student Center

A new Student Center will replace the current Pinska Center space and will be located opposite of the Welcome Center. It will include a student lounge, offices for Student Affairs staff, and meeting rooms and offices for student clubs and organizations.

Campus Gateway

The historic entrance to Dunwoody’s main building needs restoration work. This project will also transform the front of the campus so that the entrance will become usable again and will add a terrace for student outdoor space, and a parking lot for prospective students, alumni, and other guests.

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