Dunwoody College’s MB Campus training is an online, add-on credential for students enrolled in any of the College’s automotive service degree programs. The program is specifically intended for students who are already working or would like to work at a Mercedes Benz facility and is sponsored by Sears Imports.

During the program, students will study Mercedes information systems and various maintenance procedures. They will also gain knowledge of engine, transmission, chassis/brake, electronic, and basic electricity fundamentals.

Students complete Mercedes online training modules in their second semester as an elective. Training progress is monitored by the Dunwoody MB Campus coordinator. Modules must be regularly completed to remain active in the training.

Training credentials come directly from Mercedes, preparing students for employment at any Mercedes dealership nationwide. Students who complete the training are also prepared for additional training while employed at a Mercedes facility.

Current students who are interested in this training should contact MB Campus Coordinator Steve Cunningham at scunningham@dunwoody.edu or 612.381.8179.

NOTE: Dunwoody’s MB Campus is only available to students who are currently enrolled in Dunwoody’s Automotive Service Technology program. If you are not yet enrolled, apply to Dunwoody or Request More Information using the buttons below.

Common Job Titles

Possible job titles upon graduation include

  • Automotive Service Technician
  • General Service Technician
  • Light Duty Technician


To view credential requirements, download the fact sheet:

Fact Sheet: MB Campus (Mercedes-Benz)

Class topics include:

  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • High Voltage Awareness
  • Engine Management – Diesel eL
  • Engine Management – Gasoline eL
  • Xentry Diagnostics – Fundamentals and Functions eL
  • Telematics eL
  • Networking Parts I & II