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Program Deans & Directors

Architecture, Graphic Design, Interior Design

Korrin Howard

Phone: 612.381.8157

Automotive Technology

Robert Larkin

Phone: 612.381.3316

Computer Technology

Julie McFadden

Phone: 612.381.33403

Construction Sciences & Building Technology

Heather Gay

Phone: 612.381.3382

Engineering Drafting & Design and Machine Tool

Alex Wong

Phone: 612.381.3092

Manufacturing, Robotics, School of Engineering

E.J. Daigle

Phone: 612.381.8172

Math & Sciences

Tom Finnegan

Phone: 612.381.3430

Arts, Humanities, Communication, & Social Sciences; Compliance, Accreditation, and Distance Education; Center for Innovation in Technical Education

Bridget Reynolds

Phone: 612.381.3373

Radiologic Technology

David Blake

Phone: 612.381.3091

School of Design

Trevor Bullen

Phone: 612.381.8151