Student Leadership & Engagement

Student Leadership & Engagement is driven by the mission of Dunwoody College of Technology:

Dunwoody changes lives by building opportunities for graduates to have successful careers, to develop into leaders and entrepreneurs, and to engage in “the better performance of life’s duties.” (Quote is from the Last Will and Testament of William Hood Dunwoody)

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council is made up of student representatives from each academic program and various student organizations.

The Council manages the Student Activity Fee budget, which student organizations can request for their activities. The fee also supports various council initiatives including service projects, major on-campus events, and campus wide programming ensuring that the Student Activity Fee is used for enhancing the Dunwoody student experience across the entire student body. Council representatives act as bridge between Student Affairs, faculty advisors, and students clubs and organizations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Students develop leadership skills by giving back to the community through SGA-led or organization-led service projects throughout the year. Additionally, students can work with Student Affairs to create their own projects.