Ready to unleash the designer in you?

Every product, experience, structure, and place requires design. Which means designers are employed in every industry, including ones you might not have heard of.

For example:

  • architects focus on our built environment, from residential and commercial buildings to community structures
  • electrical designers focus on electrical systems that power buildings and other structures
  • engineering designers focus on parts, tools, and products
  • graphic designers focus on all types of print and digital projects, including signage and packaging
  • interior designers focus on the interior environment of buildings
  • web developers focus not only on programming, but also the user interface and experience for apps and websites

What you should know: designers combine creativity with strong technical skills and the ability to communicate with clients so the project accomplishes what it needs to.

Dunwoody’s approach: not just hands-on learning — project-based learning where you master the technical tools of your trade and learn about the industry you’ll be working in. That way you build both confidence and a portfolio of work that will impress your future employers.

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Although any of Dunwoody’s majors and programs could work for you, as a Designer, you might want to explore one or more of the following