New program; First graduating class in May 2022

Electrical Engineering

Dunwoody’s Electrical Engineering degree positions graduates for a variety of careers working with electrical or electronic systems.


Job Inquiries Per Dunwoody Graduate

Source 2016-17 Dunwoody Career Services Annual Report

Dunwoody is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission

4 Years

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science degree



Advanced Electronics Lab

Learn how to assemble and test complex circuit boards for use in a variety of electronics applications.
  • 24 Oscillioscopes
  • 24 soldering stations
  • 1 circuit board mill

Basic Electricity Lab

Complete projects that help you learn the fundamentals of electricity, including how to analyze, design, build, and test series, parallel and combination AC and DC...
  • 38 DC power supplies and function generators
  • 24 multimeters
  • 12 three phase motor trainers with variable-frequency drives

Engineering, Materials, Mechanics & Metrology Lab

Open to all manufacturing and engineering students (and those with training on the equipment), this lab brings together equipment for additive manufacturing, material testing, measurement,...
  • Three Stratasys Fortus Additive Manufacturing Centers (3D printers)
  • Zeiss Duramax (tactile coordinate measuring machine with 500 X 500 X 500 mm capacity)
  • Zeiss Stemi 305 Axiocam 105 Microscope
  • MTS Criterion 43 Universal Test System
  • 7 Haas CNC machine control simulators