New Program; First Graduating Class in 2020

Facilities Operations & Management

Launch a career managing systems and operations for modern, networked buildings and facilities.


Job Inquiries Per Dunwoody Graduate

Source 2017-18 Dunwoody Career Services Annual Report

Seeking program accreditation from the Facilities Management Accreditation Commission

2 Years




A growing need for graduates

" In the last year, we have heard from well over 30 companies in the Twin Cities that the need for Facility Managers is entering a critical phase. There are so many retiring professionals and not enough talent to fill the pipeline. If you're a student, this is a great position to be in for employment. "

Derek Hillestad

Senior Instructor


Facility Management Lab

Use the Dunwoody campus—including the newly constructed Welcome Center and Learning Commons—as a lab for learning building systems in both modern and historic spaces.
Basic Electricity ACDC

AC/DC Electrical Lab

Learn how circuits work by testing the theories of electricity and magnetism.
  • Various electronic components – diodes, capacitors, LEDs
  • Circuit elements such as switches, transformers, inductors, and contactors
  • Experiment with multiple power sources of various voltage and frequency
  • Test and measure circuits with analog and digital multi-meters, voltmeters, ammeters, wattmeters and galvometers
Renewable Energies Lab

Renewable Energies Lab

Learn about renewable energies, including solar and wind. Install and commission solar and wind equipment and learn about energy management.
  • 400 watt wind generator
  • Wind and solar trainers, solar tracking trainer, solar shading calculators
  • On-site battery storage
  • Benders, cutters, reamers, and other tools used in installing solar/wind power generation units

Commercial Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Lab

Learn about the systems used to heat and air condition commercial spaces as well as equipment used in refrigeration of commercial goods such as perishable...
  • A centralized commercial air handler and a building automation system, both using Johnson Controls systems
  • 17 roof top units, six variable air volume boxes, 5 power roof ventilators, 2 cooling towers, 2 chillers, and 3 make-up air units for air conditioning and ventilation
  • 2 industrial burners, 2 commercial gas burners, 1 steam boiler and 2 heat pumps for heating
  • A wide assortments of ice cream machines, ice machines, beverage dispensers, coolers, walk-ins, and refrigerators