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YCAP Student Profile: Cindi Young

A perfect place to pursue design

When Cindi Young toured the Dunwoody campus in 2015, she knew she had found the right college for her. Three years later – Young is still convinced.

As the third oldest of nine siblings, the dream of attending Dunwoody might not have been possible without the Youth Career Awareness Program (YCAP) scholarship.

Photo of YCAP Student in Welding area.

YCAP student Cindi Young shows off her welding project. The scholarship recipients spend six weeks at Dunwoody during the summer exploring different career fields and participating in hands-on activities.

Young was one of 28 students selected for the YCAP scholarship. The program is open to students who just finished their junior or senior year of high school.

The scholarship program includes a summer camp experience that introduces students to technical careers and helps prepare them for the college experience.

Finding Dunwoody

Young is a 2018 graduate of the Academy for Sciences & Agriculture (AFSA) High School and is enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Dunwoody.

“I took a tour and I fell in love,” Young said about her decision to attend Dunwoody. “I knew this was going to be my school because I never felt that way when I toured other colleges.”

The small class sizes and hands-on approach were also key deciding factors for her.

The summer program began on June 11, and Young said it has been helpful to explore all of the different Dunwoody program areas and get to know some of her fellow students.

Looking to the future

As a student who has always sought out leadership opportunities, Young said she also appreciated the leadership component to the YCAP program.

“I will definitely be getting involved with different clubs and activities at Dunwoody,” Young said. “And I’m looking forward to meeting new people.”

In addition to participating in hands-on activities on campus, the YCAP students also spend time visiting businesses and industry partners to get a feel for what it will be like to work in different fields.

Young is already looking ahead to her future career and hopes to start off as a graphic designer and work her way up to becoming an art director.

But in the meantime, Young is excited to start the fall semester at Dunwoody and take the next step in her education.

Interested in applying for the YCAP scholarship? More information about all of Dunwoody’s scholarship opportunities can be found online at: dunwoody.edu/scholarships.

Changing Lives Through Scholarships: Danny Treat

Scholarship Spotlight
Danny Treat, Engineering Drafting & Design
Expected Graduation: May 2017
Owen Family Fund for Prosperity Scholarship

Danny Treat has always had a lot of interests in life. But Dunwoody College of Technology has given him the focus and drive he needed to steer those interests onto a promising career path.

Growing up in San Diego, Treat struggled with traditional high school, but found success at a charter school that emphasized real work experience.

With interests that spanned a wide spectrum of fields, Treat explored multiple options at a community college before admitting he just wasn’t ready for more school.

Treat was interested in several service-learning programs available through non-profit organizations. He eventually settled on a three-month commitment with Catholic Charities, helping rebuild homes in New Orleans. He continued that work with AmeriCorps, eventually serving as one of the project managers and volunteer coordinators.

A hands-on learner, Treat enjoyed the carpentry and construction aspects of the job, but he also liked the idea of helping design a project. With those interests in mind, Treat enrolled at the University of New Orleans in the naval architecture and marine engineering program.

But the four-year, traditional college model wasn’t a good fit. “There was no ‘hands-on’ learning,” Treat said, adding that it wasn’t until the final year of the program that you got to do the “fun stuff.”

By this time, Treat had met his now fiancée who was from the Twin Cities and wanted to move back to start her teaching career.

The couple moved to Minneapolis and Treat found work installing closets, and looked into joining the electrical union. It was his fiancée’s mother, who happens to be a career counselor, who first suggested Dunwoody as an option.

So Treat attended an open house and checked out a number of programs before hearing about the Engineering Drafting & Design program.

“When I saw the 3D printers and heard about the program I knew that was it,” Treat said.

It was decision he never regretted. “I felt more at home here than I did at either the community college or the four-year university,” Treat said. “I connected more.”

Treat was impressed with all of the hands-on work, and with a 3.96 GPA, he has excelled in all of his coursework. Treat is also one of the 2016-17 Owen Scholarship recipients.

“I haven’t had a day when I haven’t wanted to come to school,” Treat said.

He already has an internship with Proto Labs, an on-demand manufacturer of custom prototypes using CNC machining, injection molding and 3D printing.

After graduating, Treat wants to find a career that allows him to utilize all of the skills he’s learned – from design to build. “I want to design the stuff and then help make it,” Treat said.

If you’d like to help someone like Danny with a scholarship gift, donate online at www.alumni.dunwoody.edu/donate-now or contact Mary Meador at 612-381-3048 or mmeador@Dunwoody.edu.

ASA Minnesota scholarship for Dunwoody student

The American Subcontractors Association of Minnesota held its 11th Annual General Contractor of the Year, Scholarship and Membership Excellence Award Dinner at the Mendakota Country Club on Jan. 27, 2011. Brooks Schuettpelz, a Dunwoody Electrical Construction Design and Management student, was one of the lucky Scholarship Recipients at this year’s dinner.

ASA-MN scholarship winner Brooks Schuettpelz