Industrial Engineering graduate puts degree to work in the medical device field

Photo of Dunwoody Industrial Engineering alum Tim TrembulakTwo months before receiving his diploma in Industrial Engineering Technology from Dunwoody College, Tim Trembulak accepted his first position as a manufacturing engineer.

The May 2018 graduate is now working for Coloplast in Minneapolis, a medical device company based out of Denmark.

“Dunwoody prepared me for my current position by providing excellent instruction in several relevant areas,” Trembulak said. “The various classes provided a solid foundation for my current position. I was able to contribute on the first day as a manufacturing engineer because of the practical, real-life learning at Dunwoody.”

Work ready, day one

In his new position, Trembulak works on new equipment validations, process improvements, and process simulation.

“Each and every day there are new challenges and opportunities to make things more efficient,” he said.  “While it is not my primary function to focus on continuous improvement, I am encouraged to think of improvements and ways improvements can be implemented which is something I really enjoy.”

This is the second Dunwoody degree for Trembulak. Prior to earning his bachelor’s completion degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, Trembulak graduated with an associate’s degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in 2016.

“I found the hands on practical approach the most beneficial about my education at Dunwoody,” he said. “I learned things that I could apply right away when I started my new position. Even before I finished the program at Dunwoody, I felt well prepared to start a role as a manufacturing engineer.”

Continuing his education

Trembulak isn’t finished with his education yet. He is already pursuing a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, which he hopes to complete in the spring of 2020.

“As I continue my career I would like to move into engineering management. I am also interested in teaching down the road so that I can take what I have learned in industry and share some of that knowledge and help prepare other engineers for the field.”

Find out more

For more information about the bachelor’s completion degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, visit:

Dunwoody College of Technology 2018 Spring Semester Dean’s List

Congratulations to the following students who have been named to Dunwoody College of Technology’s spring 2018 semester dean’s list.

The students listed received this honor by achieving a 3.5 (or higher) grade point average during the spring 2018 semester (overall g.p.a. is not considered when calculating the semester dean’s list). To be considered, students must also have been full-time, which means they  took a minimum of 12 credits during the semester. For questions about the dean’s list, please contact the Registrar’s Office at

Alexander Eric
Ambrozich Thomas
Andersen Twee
Anderson Benjamin
Anderson Jacob
Archer Michael
Arnold Alysa
Baccam Thomas
Baker Benjamin
Bares Tyler
Barkley Paul
Beaudet Jacob
Becker Ikaria
Becker Spencer
Beery Kyle
Berg Jeremy
Besch Grant
Bickel Madison
Biros Hannah
Black Nathan
Boehm Joshua
Boie Erik
Bordelon Anthony
Bornt Nicholas
Brahy Andrew
Brakke Daniel
Brenner Garrett
Brown Kyle
Bruels Troy
Brummer Brandon
Brune Gabriella
Burns Lucas
Carlson Anna
Carver Peter
Cassidy Brandt
Cermak Jake
Chan Jeremy
Christensen Scott
Christner Samantha
Clark Daniel
Coffin Nathan
Coleman Peter
Coleman Peter
Columbus Shan
Curtis Isaiah
Dagenais Braydon
Dawodu Gabriel
Demos James
Deneweth Blake
Devorak Mary
Devriendt Bradley
Dick Alexa
DiLoreto Mark
Donovan Bailey
Dranselka Alisha
Dubiel Sirena
Dumbravanu Vasile
Eastep Andrew
Ehlen Katelyn
Epperhart Patrick
Erdman Jolene
Erickson Travis
Ericson Andrew
Farris Alexander
Fesser Brandon
Fincher Brian
Finkelson Samuel
Fischer Paige
Fish Tyler
Fjerstad Benjamin
Fooks Marina
Fox Daniel
Frantti Bret
Frederick Hans
Friendshuh Carissa
Friendshuh Dustin
Gallaway Russell
Gilbert Joseph
Gildemeister Daniel
Gillund Kurt
Gohl Adam
Goldschmidt Brandon
Grant Justin
Grates Blake
Gustafson Davis
Haak Samantha
Hackman Matthew
Hahn Tyler
Hall Erik
Halloran Keven
Hamer Michael
Hannon Benjamin
Hansen Karl
Hanson Emily
Hanson Margaret
Hart Jessica
Hartzler Alexander
Harvey Nicholas
Hatterschide Bennett
Haugh Matthew
Hauser Logan
Haut Nicholas
Hawks Anthony
Hays Caleb
Heitman Robert
Hellem Anders
Her Jue
Herber Logan
Hernandez Arriola Manuel
Heroff Bradley
Higgins Robert
Hilgers Alec
Hill Joshua
Hillstrom Laurarose
Hiniker William
Hinnenkamp Franklin
Hokkanen Spencer
Holmquist Katherine
Holst Courtney
Hong Peter
Hovland Micah
Huber Adam
Humphrey Katherine
Hurd Daniel
Huycke Megan
Ibach Luke
Ike Tanner
Inamagua Marcos
Inhofer Ty
Inskeep Shelby
Jabby Mustapha
Jarvimaki Steven
Jennings Brooke
Jensen David
Jensen Henry
Jeske John
Jestus Stephanie
Johnson Eric
Johnson Jacob
Johnson Kayley
Johnson Samuel
Kafka Benjamin
Kallon Alpha
Kavanagh Weslee
Kazlouski Ilya
Kelly Stephen
Khang Kou
Kiely Jackson
Kleckner Joshua
Knutson Evan
Kolander Caleb
Konen Tanner
Kopp Erin
Koren Alexis
Kuenkel Brett
Kuennen Connor
Kurtti Sydney Jo
Larsen Benjamin
LaSusa Samuel
Lauer Katherine
Lauer Samuel
Lawson Paul
Le Jacqueline
Le Ngoc Khanh
Le Thanh
Leahy Marc
Lelyukh Vladimir
Lende Brandie
Levitt Matthew
Lindahl Austin
Lindahl Eli
Lo Julie
Loge Adam
Lohan Scott
Lohrbach Max
Lorentz Melinda
Lucero-Sassine Michaela
Lueck Tyler
Machtemes Joseph
Maghakian Kevin
Mahoney Daniel
Maier Dana
Malinak Cody
Mandt Kerry
Markie David
Masemer Joshua
May Michelle
McAnany Mark
McConnell William
McDaniel Justin
McGrath Summer
McMahon Joseph
Mecklin Betty
Mellen Aleksander
Metzmaker Ana
Miller Connor
Miller Ethan
Miller Mark
Millner Brandon
Mlekoday Jeffrey
Moore Bradley
Moyer Sean
Muniz Lexie
Naslund Zachary
Negaard Kai
Nelson Andrew
Nelson Celina
Nelson Nathaniel
Nelson Olivia
Newby Duncan
Nguyen Stephanie
Nickolay Matthew
Niles Gregory
Northway Travis
Nursuwito Bambang
Olson Jesse
Olson Steven
O’Neill Olivia
Orenge Gaudencia
Orzechowski Matthew
Ostendorf Joshua
Pacella LaRissa
Paschke Taylor
Paskar Sergey
Patterson Grace
Pearson Joshua
Peterson Hailey
Petrie Kristofer
Pierce Robert
Pilon Luke
Posterick Donald
Prestegaard Andrew
Price Mary
Prohaska Benjamin
Pysher Mitchell
Quicksell Kevin
Rastall Austin
Reed Kathryn
Regenscheid Steven
Remer James
Reuter Mary
Reynolds Kyle
Rice David
Riesgraf Kevin
Rivas Elizabeth
Robinson Blake
Rodriguez Marcos
Rogers Joshua
Rohm Mariah
Rolfe Michael
Rootes Braxton
Rugarabamu Jesca
Rush Anthony
Salcido Alejandro
Salcido Alejandro
Sangiovanni Michael
Sapp Justin
Scarpone Dylan
Schafer Matthew
Schmitz-Zweber Frances
Schoephoerster Marshall
Schon Matthew
Schrader Brett
Schreder Kyle
Schumacher Brianna
Schumacher Reid
Sebesta Taylor
Seviola Tyler
Shaw Madison
Sherry Kyle
Shoemaker Ethan
Siddiqui Hajira
Siegfried Garett
Sikes Connor
Sipprell Kenneth
Skattum Ross
Skelton Amber
Smeaton Kyle
Snow Brayden
Stanley Alexander
Steinbach Daniel
Stellmach Colin
Stewart Steven
Stillman Stephanie
Stolp Craig
Strand Joseph
Sulheim Nicholas
Sullivan Michael
Swanson Nathan
Szkotak Travis
Tait Samantha
Teipel Holly
Temte Jeffrey
Thao Koua
Thomasen Miles
Thor Jonathan
Thorp Travis
Toner Angie
Trembulak Timothy
Trofimovich Ruvim
Tuggle John
Unger Andrew
Van Cleave Noah
Van Straaten Brennon
VanRoekel Garrett
Vo Elvis
Wadman Sean
Wagner Terrence
Wakeham Shannon
Waldof Karen
Waller Justin
Wanek Christian
Ware John
Weber Elizabeth
Welle Timothy
Wickard Adam
Williams Mark
Winslow Collin
Witt Hunter
Wortman Matthew
Xiong Jewell
Xiong Joshua
Yang Cha
Yardley Shoshana
Zabel Caleb
Zehnder Sarah

Dunwoody College of Technology to fill need for Facilities Management Professionals

College approved to launch two-year degree in Facilities Operations & Management

The Dunwoody campus main building from the west with the Minneapolis skyline in the background

July 5, 2018, MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Earlier this month, Dunwoody College of Technology received approval to offer an Associate of Applied Science in Facilities Operations & Management from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission. The program launches this fall and will prepare graduates to enter the field of facilities management in operations and management roles, such as operations manager, building services supervisor, and assistant property manager.

“We aim to graduate professionals who have both the technical and the soft skills required to succeed in today’s facilities management environments,” Senior Instructor Derek Hillestad said. “Maintenance is still a crucial part of the job, but what most people probably don’t realize is that facilities management professionals are often tasked with asset management, space management, and/or building safety and security.”

Hillestad served for nine years as Director of Operations of TCF Bank Stadium and took the lead in developing the curriculum for the program.

“The field of facilities management has changed quite a lot in just the past decade,” he said. “But there’s a lot more change still to come as a generation of senior professionals retire and more and more building owners realize that asset stewardship through data-based technology investments can improve facility operation effectiveness and efficiency, leading to energy savings and a better experience for those who use the building.”

Classes will take place in the evening so professionals already working in the field can get the training they need to move into operations and management roles.

Other points of note:
  • Because of its importance to modern facilities management, Dunwoody has embedded the concept of sustainability in all of its classes.
  • The entire Dunwoody campus will be used as a learning laboratory. With a blend of old to modern facilities on campus, including a multi-million dollar renovation of a former gymnasium space that opens in September, students will benefit from a holistic approach to managing buildings.
  • Software systems are now crucial to the operation of modern facilities. Students will graduate with the ability to work with a variety of software programs, including computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), REVIT and SketchUp for computer-aided design, integrated workforce management systems (IWMS), and building monitoring systems.
  • Dunwoody’s program has been designed to be consistent with the International Facilities Management Association’s (IFMA) Facilities Management Accreditation Commission (FMAC) associate degree program standards and will seek program accreditation.

Facilities Operation & Management is part of Dunwoody’s offerings in Construction Sciences & Building Technology and will benefit from existing lab spaces and faculty in HVAC, electrical, architecture, and construction management.

Learn more about Facilities Operations & Management.

About Dunwoody (

Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is a private, not-for-profit college committed to preparing students for great careers in STEM-related fields. Dunwoody’s active, experiential learning model has provided a hands-on, applied education to more than 250,000 men and women, who have gone on to rewarding careers as outstanding technicians, successful entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Located on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis, Dunwoody offers more than 45 certificate, associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs in the areas of Automotive, Business Management, Computer Technology, Construction Sciences & Building Technology, Design & Graphics Technology, Engineering, Radiologic Technology, and Robotics & Manufacturing.

Dunwoody College Media Contacts

William Morris: 612-381-3367,

Jennifer McNeil: 612-381-3058 ,

Dunwoody students place 2nd, 7th in the Nation at SkillsUSA Nationals

Congratulations to Electrical Construction & Maintenance student Matthew Longendyke and Architecture student Karla Schmitt on their victories at SkillsUSA Nationals!

Longendyke placed 2nd in the Nation in the Related Technical Math competition, earning a silver medal. Schmitt competed in the Architectural Drafting contest, placing 7th in the Nation.

The national competition was held June 25-29 in Louisville, KY, at the 54th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference.

L to R: Paul Strother, Matthew Longendyke, Karla Schmitt, and Jeff Chase.

Both Longendyke and Schmitt won their state competitions earlier this year, earning them a chance to compete at the national level.

This was Longendyke’s second time competing nationally in the Related Technical Math contest. In 2017, he placed fourth overall.

SkillsUSA advisors Jeff Chase, Electrical Construction & Maintenance Assistant Professor, and Paul Strother, Architectural Drafting & Design Senior Instructor, accompanied the students.

If you are interested in joining the 2019 SkillsUSA team, please contact Associate Director of Career Services Rob Borchardt at 612.381.3322 or

YCAP Student Profile: Cindi Young

A perfect place to pursue design

When Cindi Young toured the Dunwoody campus in 2015, she knew she had found the right college for her. Three years later – Young is still convinced.

As the third oldest of nine siblings, the dream of attending Dunwoody might not have been possible without the Youth Career Awareness Program (YCAP) scholarship.

Photo of YCAP Student in Welding area.

YCAP student Cindi Young shows off her welding project. The scholarship recipients spend six weeks at Dunwoody during the summer exploring different career fields and participating in hands-on activities.

Young was one of 28 students selected for the YCAP scholarship. The program is open to students who just finished their junior or senior year of high school.

The scholarship program includes a summer camp experience that introduces students to technical careers and helps prepare them for the college experience.

Finding Dunwoody

Young is a 2018 graduate of the Academy for Sciences & Agriculture (AFSA) High School and is enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Dunwoody.

“I took a tour and I fell in love,” Young said about her decision to attend Dunwoody. “I knew this was going to be my school because I never felt that way when I toured other colleges.”

The small class sizes and hands-on approach were also key deciding factors for her.

The summer program began on June 11, and Young said it has been helpful to explore all of the different Dunwoody program areas and get to know some of her fellow students.

Looking to the future

As a student who has always sought out leadership opportunities, Young said she also appreciated the leadership component to the YCAP program.

“I will definitely be getting involved with different clubs and activities at Dunwoody,” Young said. “And I’m looking forward to meeting new people.”

In addition to participating in hands-on activities on campus, the YCAP students also spend time visiting businesses and industry partners to get a feel for what it will be like to work in different fields.

Young is already looking ahead to her future career and hopes to start off as a graphic designer and work her way up to becoming an art director.

But in the meantime, Young is excited to start the fall semester at Dunwoody and take the next step in her education.

Interested in applying for the YCAP scholarship? More information about all of Dunwoody’s scholarship opportunities can be found online at:

Employee Spotlight: Becky Somers, Admissions Data Analyst

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota called Waseca.

Where did you attend college? What is your degree in?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and I graduated last year with an A.A.S in Web Development from Dunwoody.

How long have you been working at Dunwoody? 

I have worked at Dunwoody for 15 years.

What is your favorite part about working at Dunwoody? 

My favorite part about working at Dunwoody is my co-workers. College admissions can be a very fast-paced and challenging working environment, but we try our best to make it fun and to support each other like family. When things get stressful or busy, I know that I have people who I can turn to for support (or chocolate)—and that makes all the difference.

What are a few of your hobbies?

I like to think of myself as a renaissance crafter. Nothing makes me happier than creating and learning how to do new things. I also love to fish, hike, and camp.

What is something you are absolutely determined to do? 

I am absolutely determined to make everyone I meet laugh.

What’s your favorite music genre? Any all-time favorite songs? 

I love all the music that my parents played for me in the 70’s—Fleetwood Mac, Earth Wind and Fire, Carole King, and The Beatles—just to name a few. It would be impossible for me to choose just one favorite song, but my favorite song to sing when it comes on in my car is “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. I like to give it the full “Wayne’s World” treatment!

What are three things you could not live without? 
  1. My family and friends
  2. LaCroix
  3. Anti-frizz hair cream (stop by my office on a hot day in July and you will see why)
What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you? 

When I worked at the University of Minnesota, my office area faced the back alley of the Northrup Auditorium and the Dalai Lama was there to speak. They brought him in the back way with a ton of security, and as I was trying to catch a glimpse—my face pressed up against the window—he turned around and raised his hand. I like to think he was waving at me.

What is the most recent thing you’ve crossed off your bucket-list? 

A few years ago I visited Prague, and it was one of the most wonderful places I have ever traveled. The city is breathtaking and inspiring.

Please provide two to three (or more!) fun facts about yourself.
  1. Both my brother and I are Dunwoody graduates.
  2. I really love “Star Wars.” Every year my family and I watch all the episodes at least once. The rest of the year we entertain ourselves by finding each other “Star Wars” themed gifts.
  3. I make the absolute best Bloody Mary on the planet, complete with a ground turkey slider on a Hawaiian bun.

Dunwoody Construction Project Nearing Completion

Image of the new welcome desk under construction.

A new welcome desk will greet visitors when they enter the space from the east.

From painting walls to installing cabinets and hanging doors, the 24,000 square foot renovation and expansion of the Dunwoody campus is heading into its final stages of completion.

The project is expected to be completed sometime this August, just in time for the Fall Semester.

The new space will include: a Welcome Center for students and families; a 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Learning Commons on a newly added mezzanine level; community gathering spaces; and additional collaborative learning areas.

General contractor Mortenson Construction broke ground on the project last fall. The expansion and renovation project is the first phase of a campus-wide improvement plan and is being funded entirely through donor support.

Photo of the Learning Commons under construction.

Private study areas and collaboration spaces line one side of the new Learning Commons.

Image of Welcome Center under construction.

A brick wall with fireplace is the new centerpiece in a large gathering area located on the main floor near the west entry.

Image of the Learning Commons under construction.

The new Learning Commons is located on the newly added mezzanine level.


Architecture students return from Dunwoody’s first extended Study Abroad Trip

Two-month stay in Barcelona, Spain, provides students with the experience of a lifetime

An experience that helped everyone find themselves. That’s how fourth-year Architecture student Josiah Hanka described his two-month study abroad stay in Barcelona, Spain. Hanka was part of a semester-long Dunwoody Study Abroad program this past spring.

Dunwoody launches first semester-long study abroad program

The program, a first for Dunwoody, consisted of ten Bachelor of Architecture students and lasted a full semester. The first half of the semester was spent in Minneapolis where students studied the history of Barcelona as it relates to design. The second half of the semester took place in Barcelona, where students stayed with host families.

The Dunwoody group left for Spain on March 13, 2018, and the program concluded May 18, 2018. Faculty members Molly Reichert and Reem El-Radi led the venture.

 Dunwoody students experience making in a new way

While in Spain, the Dunwoody group had the unique and very fitting opportunity to take courses in a Spanish maker space located in the Poble Nou district of Barcelona, ATTA33. Much like at Dunwoody, here students had access to a full wood shop, CNC router, laser cutters, and 3D printers as well as fully trained, expert machinists and technicians.

“Having skilled technicians help students use the machines made the process of making so much easier,” Reichert said. “It allowed the process of model making to be much more focused on design rather than troubleshooting.”

One of the students’ favorite projects created at ATTA33 was the individual interpretation, design, and fabrication of Modernisme, a culturally rich building ornamentation found in many Spanish arts, especially architecture. Students were to find an existing piece of Modernisme in Barcelona (pictured below) and redesign it, taking into consideration contemporary issues.

“The experience really affirmed my own design approach,” Hanka said, admiring the openness, liveliness, and attention to detail dense cities like Barcelona radiate. “The buildings there are beautiful works of art. The organic shapes, curves, floral motifs—it’s inspiring.”

Architecture students grow, gain confidence on trip

Several student projects inspired by Modernisme

During their stay, students were paid a visit by Minneapolis developer and urbanist Michael Lander of Lander Group. Lander led the students on a tour of Avinguda Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s most significant avenues, to discuss the differences between Minneapolis and Barcelona urbanism and how the two cities might learn from one another.

The students were also able to tour Architecture firms EMBT Architects and RCR Architects as well as several widely recognized spaces, including The Sagrada Familia, Mercado de La Boqueria, Santa Maria del Mar, Mercado de Santa Caterina, Walden 7, and the Museu Maritim.

A few other favorite events for the Dunwoody students included taking a Spanish cooking class and celebrating the Festival of Sant Jordi (an annual event where the entire city is covered in books and roses).

“It was very clear to me what this trip did for students,” Reichert said. “They developed and grew during their time there. Students told me the trip helped them gain confidence and provided them with a greater understanding of—and appreciation for—cultural differences. The students gained an understanding of design and urbanism in this new cultural context and now have an understanding of the impact of architecture and urban design on public life and our daily experience. I think it was a very valuable learning experience for them.”

The Architecture program is looking to organize a similar Study Abroad trip next year.

Learn more about Dunwoody Architecture.

Explore Architecture students’ photos and trip reflections in their 2018 Study Abroad blog.