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Dunwoody gives out design award at FIRST Robotics MN State Championship

Dunwoody presented its Unique Engineering & Design Award at the FIRST Robotics State Championship held May 18 at Williams Arena. The winners all came up with interesting approaches to this year’s contest game “Destination: Deep Space,” which required teams to use both autonomous and human controls to guide their robot through a course that involved collecting […]


Dunwoody rewards innovation at FIRST Robotics MN state championship

Three high school teams receive $500 and the Dunwoody Unique Engineering & Design Award for their FIRST Robotics competition design solutions The Greenbush-Middle River, Eden Valley-Watkins, and Frazee-Vergas high school teams formed the winning alliance at this year’s Minnesota State High School League FIRST Robotics championship held May 19, at Mariucci Arena. But thanks to Dunwoody’s […]

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Dunwoody awards high school robotics teams for design innovation

Three FRC teams each earned $500 for their innovative design solutions in the 2017 MSHSL Robotics Tournament. On Saturday, May 20, Dunwoody gave out three Outstanding Engineering & Design Awards at the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Robotics Championship at Mariucci Arena. Dunwoody Mechanical Engineering Instructor Jonathan Aurand judged each of the state’s top […]