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Careers in Cybersecurity are In-Demand

Dunwoody offers several pathways into the profession

Ranked one of the top five jobs for 2023 by U.S. News & World Report, the cybersecurity field is seeing a rising demand for professionals.

Often called Information Security Analysts/Officers, professionals in the field protect and defend an organization’s computer systems from data breaches and cyberattacks.

What they do: Information Security Officers work in the world of cybersecurity, monitoring, defending, and diagnosing computer systems, networks, and programs.

Why it’s cool: Data and network security is one of the most critical issues facing companies and government agencies today. Cybersecurity professionals work in the world of modern cyber warfare, investigating attacks and intrusions mitigating risks, and prioritizing IT investments.

Where they work: From Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, Information Security Officers are in high demand to protect and defend critical IT systems and infrastructure.

Job Demand: The demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high and expected to grow by 24 percent during the next seven years in Minnesota.

Who it’s for: People interested in a career as a digital detective, protecting data and company resources. They want to understand not just computer networking systems, but how hackers may gain access to those systems to steal information.

Pathways into the profession: Dunwoody offers several pathways into the profession through its bachelor’s completion degree in Cybersecurity. Students who already have a degree in computer networking can transfer their credits into the program. Students without a previous degree can enroll in Computer Networking SystemsCloud Engineering Technology, or Web Programming & Database Development, which all transfer directly into the Cybersecurity degree. The program is perfect for working adults since online classes are offered in the evenings with one synchronous class per week.

Coursework includes systems and software security, scripting for cyber professionals, forensics for networks and operating systems, cyber warfare, business for cybersecurity, data protection laws, and risk mitigation.

Cyber Range coming soon!

Dunwoody is currently in the process of creating a high-tech cyber range, which will allow students and professionals to conduct cyber-attack simulations using real-world scenarios.


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