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Dunwoody College Adds Computer Engineering

The new degree program strengthens the College’s offerings to cover all aspects of IoT and IIoT

Dunwoody College of Technology, a private, non-profit institution and pioneer in technical education, today announced the addition of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree program. 

Computers are integrated into everyday life from cars to mobile phones to homes and factories. The Computer Engineering degree program brings together both electrical and software engineering, creating work-ready engineers who can design, integrate, and utilize hardware and software to solve countless problems. Prospective students can begin enrolling now, with classes starting fall 2022. 

“In the last few years, the advancement in computer engineering is almost unfathomable,” said Bill Hudson, Dean of the School of Engineering, Dunwoody. “Computers are making real-time decisions and providing efficiencies across all industries. There is a critical need for engineers that exist at the intersection of hardware and software to ensure integration, performance and efficiency. This need is what our newest degree program aims to fill and prepare our graduates for successful careers in computer-based engineering roles.” 


Dunwoody is committed to coursework and degree programs that fulfill current industry needs, especially in rapidly changing industries like technology. 

Through Dunwoody’s project-integrated approach to engineering, students learn to design small-scale microprocessor and embedded systems and how to connect and integrate those systems. Students also develop an understanding of how those systems are used within industry, including the Internet of Things, manufacturing, automotive, and consumer electronics. 

Graduates of the program will enter a variety of high-demand career paths. Current job openings include computer engineer, electrical engineer, embedded design engineer, machine learning engineer, data engineer, data scientist, and devops engineer. 

For more information on Dunwoody’s School of Engineering and programs that are preparing the next generation of doers, visit or follow the College on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.  


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