Academic Excellence Award Student News

Academic Excellence Winner – Jayden Buzick, Radiologic Technology

Jayden Buzick always had an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field but was never quite sure where that interest might lead. When she learned that Dunwoody offered a program in Radiologic Technology, she immediately connected with the College to find out more about the program.

Buzick was able to work with admissions counselors and program staff to set up a shadowing experience, joining then current Radiologic Technology students onsite at North Memorial Hospital during one of their clinical experiences.

“It was a great opportunity to observe what it would be like as a student in the program, and a tech in the field. It definitely solidified my thoughts on becoming a Radiologic Technologist,” she said.

After falling in love with what she saw, she was confident that Dunwoody would help her achieve her goals and made the decision to apply. Fast forward to the Spring of 2021, and Buzick is a proud graduate of the Radiologic Technology program, and Academic Excellence Award recipient.

“The education I received at Dunwoody is far superior than my previous education experience,” Buzick said. “At previous colleges I attended, I sat in big lecture halls and didn’t have much communication with other students or my professors. At Dunwoody, we had smaller class sizes so my education was more individualized. We had labs and clinicals to get us the hands-on experience we needed to be prepared and comfortable for our future careers.”

The smaller class sizes also afforded Buzick and her cohort the opportunity to form close bonds and friendships in and out of the classroom, motivating and supporting one another through a year that challenged them in ways that none of them could have imagined.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest challenge during my college career because we went from being very hands-on to completely virtual,” Buzick recalled. It was challenging to foresee what this transition would mean for her and her classmates who were in the midst of pursuing an education in a very specialized, hands-on field — but Buzick says she is grateful to her professors who worked to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“David Blake, our program director, has been the biggest inspiration to me throughout my college experience,” Buzick said. “He really goes above and beyond to all of his students and does everything in his power to see them succeed. I hope to be half the tech and person he is someday.”

And Blake sees a bright future for Buzick.

“Jayden’s performance always exceeded what was expected,” Blake said. “An enthusiastic and exceptional student who always came to class prepared, Jayden would understand and appreciate the course material. In radiologic technology, there is an emphasis on critical thinking, which she is able to do with ease. She is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills – she is an outstanding graduate. With dedication to the profession through her outstanding academic performance and her diligent working attitude, Jayden will become an active and contributing member of our profession.”

Buzick isn’t wasting any time. Since graduating from the program she has been working full time at Maple Grove Hospital and looks forward to even more possibilities ahead.

“When I look into the future, I’m excited to continue my education and grow my skills in the Radiologic Technology field. I hope to eventually go back to school and get a bachelor’s degree to either uphold a management position in my field or become a clinical instructor and teach other future radiologic technologists. Even though I’m done with school, there are always opportunities for more education and growth.”