Student News

The future of autonomous navigation is now roaming the floors of Dunwoody

Check out Software Engineering in Action. By using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), Software Engineering student Donald Posterick has created a mapping navigation system for the robot he had a hand in designing and building. The robot can be placed anywhere within the map’s boundaries and know its location in seconds with over 98 percent confidence.

Faculty News

Assistant Professor John Columbus talks workplace skills and software engineering education

Earlier this year, John Columbus, Assistant Professor of Software Engineering, contributed a column to EdTech Digest titled “Teaching the Untaught,” which focused on how software engineers need to learn both practical and soft workplace skills while still in college, so they are prepared to contribute right away when they enter the workforce. Here is a […]

News Releases

Dunwoody College of Technology launches Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 5, MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Dunwoody College of Technology is now accepting applications for its new Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, which will begin classes August 2017. The degree will prepare students to enter the field of engineering as software engineers. Software engineers design, develop, test and improve software applications for […]