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Scholarship Spotlight: Louis Kraimer, Computer Networking Systems

Getting a good job in networking is what drives Louis Kraimer to excel at Dunwoody. It’s why he chose to attend the school and seek a degree in Computer Networking Systems.

“Dunwoody’s Computer Technology program had everything I was looking for,” Kraimer said, which included hands-on labs and getting to know people who love computers as much as he does.

“I grew up loving technology and computers especially, and slowly I developed a liking of networking and cybersecurity,” Kraimer said. “I was interested in learning more about computers, and that was where I found Dunwoody.”

While searching through Orono’s college finder site, Kraimer searched for “cybersecurity” and Dunwoody was one of the first colleges on the list. After reading about what Dunwoody offered, he liked that the program concentrated on building the necessary skills to land the industry job he wants.

He was already familiar with Dunwoody from his grandma, who told him his grandpa graduated from Dunwoody in the 1940s with a sheet metal degree.

“I decided to attend Dunwoody because the program is mainly focused on the skillset required to get an excellent industry job,” he said.  “I like how the program isn’t a whole bunch of general studies or side programs not really required for your program, but it’s purely based on the skills and certifications you need to acquire.”  

It’s a decision he hasn’t regretted. “What I enjoy the most is the environment,” he said.

But it’s more than just the environment – it’s the people.

“Another thing I really enjoy is the friendships I have made here with the people who enjoy the same things I enjoy, especially with networking and cybersecurity,” Kraimer said.

Kraimer hopes to start his career in networking and then move into cybersecurity. He knows his time at Dunwoody will give him the necessary skills to get there, and he is eagerly going above and beyond when given the opportunity to learn more. And the Pathways to Careers Scholarship he received has paved the way for him to do that.

“I was beyond excited and happy. I was so honored to receive the scholarship and appreciate the donors for their generous donation. This scholarship will help me afford the education I need to keep learning,” he said. “Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I’m looking forward to learning more here at Dunwoody.”

Kraimer describes himself as hard-working, energetic, and dedicated. Those characteristics extend both inside and outside of the classroom. He works two part-time jobs in addition to his full-time studies. Weekdays he works as a student worker for the Computer Technology Department, where he supports the faculty. Two of his big projects have included running a “Technology Mini-Market” for students to pick up computers, hardware components, and other miscellaneous items. The other big project was helping create a “Cyber Range” to help prepare Cybersecurity students for real-world scenarios. His other job is also in the tech world, working as an Advanced Repair Agent at Best Buy where he repairs desktops, laptops, Macs, and mobile devices.

Despite being busy with work and school, Kraimer still finds time for fun. He enjoys composing wind ensemble music and had a piece he composed performed by his high school band.

About the Pathways to Careers Scholarship

The P2C Program is focused on preparing underserved and under-represented individuals for college success, immediate jobs, and great careers. Dunwoody works with community organizations and industry partners to identify and build relationships using mentors, hands-on activities, and academic support. The College is currently accepting P2C Scholarship applications for Fall 2023.