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New scholarship will help students pursue a technical education

Dunwoody and Wallin Education Partners announce new Aspire Scholarship that will provide up to $8,000 over two years towards an Associate’s Degree

A new scholarship is paving the way for more college-ready students with financial need to pursue their dreams of earning a college degree.

Wallin Education Partners is proud to announce a new partnership that will open doors to a Dunwoody education and the great careers it provides.

Dunwoody and Wallin Education Partners have created the Aspire Scholarship, which includes financial support, on-going mentorship, and college-to-career guidance for students interested in pursuing a two-year technical degree at Dunwoody.  

“Collaboration is the most effective way to help lower-income, college-ready students earn a college degree and begin fulfilling careers,” said Susan Basil King, President and CEO of Wallin Education Partners. “Dunwoody is unique in its curriculum, internship program, and college-to-career support. Wallin is thrilled to be collaborating with Dunwoody to make a college degree possible for more students in our community.“

Applications for the scholarship will open on March 1 and can be accessed through the Wallin EP website. Students accepted into the scholarship program will receive up to $4,000 a year and will need to complete the application and acceptance process through the College.

During their time at Dunwoody, students will receive on-going support and mentorship as they navigate their college experience, as well as career placement support after they graduate.

“From construction to manufacturing, a Dunwoody degree opens the doors to great in-demand careers in high-paying fields,” said Dunwoody President Rich Wagner. “But for many students, a college education can be out of reach without additional scholarship support. We are grateful and excited for this new opportunity with Wallin Education Partners, who share our commitment to making college possible, and attainable.”

For more information about Dunwoody College and the Aspire Scholarship, visit or contact:

The Aspire Scholarship is part of the Wallin Education Partners two-year pathway program.

About Wallin Education Partners

Founded in 1992, Wallin Education Partners is one of the most effective college completion programs in the country serving lower-income, college-ready students at both four- and two-year colleges. The graduation rate for Wallin Scholars far exceeds that of their peers due to a structured program that includes financial aid, professional advising, peer mentoring, financial acumen, and college-to-career support.Wallin supports nearly 1,200 students; 83 percent are ethnically diverse, 70 percent are first in their family to attend college, and 90 percent remain in the region upon degree completion.

About Dunwoody College of Technology

Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is the only private, not-for-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. Having provided hands-on, applied technical education to more than 250,000 men and women, Dunwoody is the college for experimenters and makers, a place where the curious and the confident learn by doing.

Located in Minneapolis, Dunwoody offers a unique campus experience in dedicated labs, studios, and shops that treats students like future professionals from day one. With certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees in more than 40 majors – including engineering, robotics, design, and other STEM-related fields – Dunwoody challenges students to come determined and graduate destined.