Student Competitions

Snowplow trophy boxes built in-house.

Alex Hall and Demian Troy, Pre-Media Technologies students in the Design & Graphics Technology department, were approached by their instructor about making trophy boxes to house the snow globes given to the winning teams from the 10th Annual Autonomous Snowplow Competition held on the Dunwoody campus this weekend. 

“Pete [Rivard] told me he didn’t want a regular box,” Hall said.  

It was a challenge Rivard knew Hall and Troy could handle and be up for.  Hall along with another classmate brought home the top prize last year at the Student Packaging Design Competition hosted by The AICC for his Canada-themed design in the Corrugated as Art category. 

So Hall and Troy, put their creativity and know-how to work and created boxes shaped like snowplows, with a plow that will raise and lower. 

Troy not only chose the color scheme, but also designed the wheels for the trophy box.

“Making the right choice for color is important because you want to choose a color that compliments and makes the trophy stand out,” Troy said. “It was a challenge to make the wheels for the trophy box. I worked during the Winter Break designing different prototypes until I found the right design that would function and look good on the final prototypes.”

These hands-on skills and more are what is taught in the two-year program leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree. Follow this link for more information on the Graphic Design & Production program: