Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Arlinda Henderson, Arts & Sciences Associate Professor

Where did you grow up?
I lived in Minneapolis until I was 14 then moved to Remer, Minnesota.

Where did you attend college? What is your degree in? 

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelor of Science in Art Ed from Bemidji State. I also have a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of North Dakota and a Master of Philosophy in Art Theory and Criticism from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. I also studied for a few summers at Plymouth University in England.

How long have you been working at Dunwoody?
12 years.

Why did you decide to work at Dunwoody?
I wanted the opportunity to work with experts in many different fields where we use our hands. My mom also applied to the Automotive program at Dunwoody in 1968 when I was just eight years old — so she was especially happy to hear where I would be teaching!

What is your favorite part about teaching at Dunwoody?
The students.

What do you like about Dunwoody’s hands-on educational philosophy?
We learn most efficiently by “doing” because we find ways to make things better that aren’t always apparent on paper or in theory.

What’s your favorite type of cuisine?
To me, food is like music. If it’s good, I like it.

 What are a few of your hobbies?
Floating on my air mattress on a secret lake up north. I also enjoy traveling and holograms.

What is the single best day on the calendar?
July 4. I love the fireworks, and it’s two days after my birthday.

What is the most recent item/thing you’ve crossed off your bucket list?
It’s more like a “to do” list, but I recently taught myself glass fusing.

Fun facts:

  1. I love to experience new cultures. The farthest I’ve traveled so far is Russia.
  2. I’ve got a thing for the double slit experiment.
  3. I skipped two weeks of school in first grade. Instead, I sat on the playground all day because it was way more fun!