Dunwoody booth at State Fair aims to settle classic food debate: Pronto Pup or Corn Dog

Cast your vote using FANUC industrial robotic arm at the Dunwoody College booth in the Education Building.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together kicks off today. And this year, with a simple push of a button fairgoers can help answer the age-old questions: Pronto Pup or Corn Dog?

To express their preference fairgoers can stop by Dunwoody’s booth in the Education Building, make their decision, and a FANUC industrial robotic arm will register their vote and dispense a Team Pronto Pup or Team Corn Dog pin button so they can proudly display their choice.

Students and faculty in the Robotics & Manufacturing Department programmed the industrial robot and designed and 3D-printed a special tray to hold the pins. .

The tracking component will display the results of the “voting” and totals will be reported through Dunwoody’s social media accounts. Follow Dunwoody to see the results: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

The Pronto Pup vs. Corn Dog contest is a fun way for visitors to interact with some of the latest in robotics and automation, which is being taught at the College. Dunwoody students in programs such as Automated Systems & Robotics, Industrial Controls, Industrial Controls & Robotics, and Industrial Engineering Technology learn the skills needed to program and operate these high-tech machines for a wide variety of functions and uses in industry.

Stop by the Dunwoody booth to choose your team and wear your button around the Fair.