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Dunwoody Football Club offers camaraderie and competition

Co-ed recreational soccer team completes first season


A group of Dunwoody students have spent their fall Sundays organizing and playing in one of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board’s co-ed, open soccer leagues. Dubbed Dunwoody F.C. (Football Club), the team wrapped up its season on Sunday, Oct. 21, with a 5-4 loss to Ball Kickers FC in the first round of the playoffs.

The idea for the team came when Bachelor of Architecture students Nathaniel Nelson and Nicholas Schurhammer and Software Engineering student Kai Negaard worked together over the summer at the engineering and design firm VAA. The three students talked about how they wanted to socialize more with other students.

“The main goal was to network among programs,” Schurhammer said. “It also gives students a better idea of what Dunwoody offers as a school.”

Of Dunwoody’s 22 student clubs and organizations, most are based around professional organizations or hobbies that directly relate to students’ academic programs. By choosing a non-program-specific, team sport like soccer, Schurhammer, Nelson, and Negaard figured they’d be able to bring together a diverse group of students.

They were right.

So far 29 students have participated in the team as has Architecture Senior Instructor Pablo Villamil. And because it’s a recreational open league, players from a large mix of skill levels are welcome.

Another advantage of the rec league is that most of the team’s games are played at Parade Stadium, which is right across the street from Dunwoody.

Building skills together

Schurhammer has been impressed by both the level of participation and the willingness of players to work with each other, even though their skill levels range from novice to former high school varsity players.

“We had a voluntary practice on labor day weekend because there were no games,” he said. “About a dozen people showed up. It was just cool to see people express that level of interest.”

The team went 1-7 in league play, but Schurhammer is pleased with the season. The point, after all, is to have fun, get to know other students, and get better as soccer players.

“The team slowly came together,” he said. “The level of enthusiasm that our players showed and the level of commitment to each other is great. People were 100% behind the other players. There was no condescension or negativity.”

The future of Dunwoody F.C.

Although they would have liked to have progressed further in the playoffs, the team is proud that they almost pulled off a win in the first round.

And they’ll be back next year. The plan is for Dunwoody F.C. to return and compete in the Minneapolis Rec League for the fall 2019 season. They are also exploring the possibility of participating in an indoor league this spring.

Students and employees who are interested in joining Dunwoody F.C. should contact Nicholas Schurhammer at