Student News

Construction Management students win scholarships

Two students walked away winners from an annual materials take off competition.

The local chapter of International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo, a professional organization for the lumber products industry, announced the competition winners of at its event held on Nov. 20.

Construction Management students Anthony Rush and Aaron Schutz won the competition and were awarded scholarships from the organization.

This year’s competition was created by Matt Durand, Senior Instructor of Construction Project Management, and featured a complete material takeoff and estimate for a garage. This required students to list the quantities and types of materials needed to complete the project and estimate their costs.

Thanks to this scholarship, students Rush and Schutz are able to fulfill their professional goals.

“This specific scholarship reminds us that we challenge ourselves to learn for a purpose,” Schutz said.

For scholarship recipient Rush, this scholarship helps him stay focused at Dunwoody. Rush, a student leader on campus, values the opportunities Dunwoody gives him.

“Choosing Dunwoody was a no brainer for me,” Rush said. “We put out movers and shakers in the industry, when you say you go to Dunwoody College of Technology, the response is always an astounding ‘wow.’”

For scholarship recipient Schutz, this is his second time being a Dunwoody student.

“I graduated in 2007 with an associate’s degree in Electrical Construction & Maintenance. After more than a decade working in the electrical field, I’ve decided to step back and widen my perspective on what construction means to me,” Schutz said. “At Dunwoody, relationships built between fellow students and staff — accompanied by formal education and experience — will truly propagate success.”

Matt Durand is proud of the accomplishments of his students.

“It is great to see their hard work pay off,” Durand said. “They have made a lot of great contacts and excellent steps in their career.”

Both Rush and Schutz were awarded $500 each. The two students thanked Durand and Construction Science & Building Technology Dean Bridget Reynolds for introducing them to Hoo Hoo and providing them with this opportunity.