The 2011 Kate Dunwoody Luncheon celebrates the women of Dunwoody

2011 Kate Dunwoody Scholar Corrie Turner with Cindy Wagener Robin

The 2011 Kate Dunwoody Luncheon on Thursday, October 27 attracted 157 guests, female students, faculty and staff to celebrate the women of Dunwoody.  When Kate Dunwoody died in 1915, she added $1.5 million to the $3 million her husband left in his estate for the establishment of a technical school we now know as Dunwoody College of Technology.

Cindy Wagener Robin, director of operations at Morrie’s Automotive Group, was the keynote speaker with the message that all women should discover and employ their strengths. Ms. Robin used examples of successful women within Morrie’s to illustrate the benefit to the employee and to the company when one applies their strengths.

2011 Kate Dunwoody Scholar Corrie Turner spoke. An Architectural Drafting and Estimating student, Corrie shared her personal story about her Dunwoody experience.

“It means a lot to be the Kate Dunwoody scholar,” said Corrie. “It feels good to be role models for new women enrolled at Dunwoody and know they can stand out in a male dominated college.”

Board of Trustee member Talla Skogomo was the emcee and marveled at the growth of this event from decades ago when less than two dozen gathered to celebrate the legacy of Kate Dunwoody.