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A future electrician

Scholarship recipient wanted a career with a bright outlook

When Denise Nickens was choosing a future career in the midst of a global pandemic she had a few requirements.

“After the pandemic I wanted a career that was reliable and stable,” she said. “And I also wanted to be able to make a good income.”

It was those requirements that led her to the high-demand, high-paying electrical career field. She is currently in her second year of the Electrical Construction & Maintenance program, and is on track to graduate this May. 

The Richfield High School graduate heard about Dunwoody and that it was a top technical school from a former student.

“When choosing to go back to school — financially I was worried,” Nickens said. “But receiving my scholarship took some of that burden off of me and helped me focus more on school, including getting good grades and graduating.”

A recipient of the Construction Career Pathways scholarship program, Nickens said she is enjoying the hands-on learning and wants to join the electrical trade union after graduating and become a master electrician.

Currently Nickens works as a server at a restaurant, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for relaxing outside of school, but she still encourages others to explore a career in a technical field, especially if it is a field that they enjoy.

About the Construction Career Pathways scholarship

The Construction Career Pathway Scholarship is designed to prepare high potential, under served and under resourced individuals from a diverse population for lifelong careers as leaders, managers, and tradespeople in the construction industry.

It’s mission is to work with employers to provide industry education, mentorship, and financial support that will result in earning an associate’s degree, successful employment, and a strong career development plan.

For more information about the scholarship qualifications or to download an application, click here.