Academic Excellence Award

Academic Excellence Award: Indigo Isackson-Rod

Indigo Isackson-Rod
Radiologic Technology ‘18
Pine City, MN

Before enrolling in Dunwoody’s Radiologic Technology program, Indigo Isackson-Rod had never considered a career in healthcare. In fact, she had originally wanted to be a Spanish teacher.

But after earning her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Education with a Spanish Emphasis and volunteering as a Spanish teacher aid, Isackson-Rod realized teaching wasn’t her dream.

“I actually read about Radiologic Technology in a magazine at a coffee shop one day,” Isackson-Rod said. “And I just applied out of the blue. I thought I’d try it and if I didn’t like it, I had a back-up plan.”

Her decision to explore the field surprised even herself.

“When I was younger, any career that involved blood or needles would have been an absolute ‘no’,” Isackson-Rod shared. “I hate needles. I would have never seen myself going into this field.”

But, despite its uncertain outcome, her leap of faith paid off. Not only will Isackson-Rod graduate this year, but she is also the Academic Excellence Award recipient for the Radiologic Technology program.

“Indigo has been an excellent student,” Radiologic Technology Program Director David Blake said. “She is competent, efficient, and it all comes natural to her. Technologists treat her like a fellow technologist. I have even been asked if she can graduate early so she can work right now!”

Following graduation, Isackson-Rod hopes to continue her career as a Radiologic Technologist. A path she is certain she will enjoy, thanks to Dunwoody.

“I have loved Dunwoody’s program,” she said. “You’re learning hands-on, gaining experience, and making connections.”

This type of education is also a great way for someone to know right away if this is the job you want to do, she explained — an experience that might have sent her in a different direction earlier in her college career.

But no matter the path, Isackson-Rod is glad it took her here.

“I’m grateful and honored to receive the [Academic Excellence] award,” she said. “And I’m excited for what’s ahead.”