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Q&A with a Dunwoody Architectural Drafting & Estimating Alum

Dunwoody alumni are innovators, entrepreneurs, top technicians, and skilled workers.  

Here is a quick Q&A with just one!

Brenda Sherrod, ’92 Architectural Drafting & Estimating
Drafter, Cross Architects

Q. Where is the weirdest place you have ever met a fellow alum?

A. I ran into some of my classmates at a Christmas party in the early 90s for a roof insulation firm and have one on my Facebook friend list. I moved to the Dallas, Texas area in 1995, so I haven’t had the opportunity to run into many.

Q.  Has there been a moment in your career when you thought “My job is awesome!” and what was that moment?

A. The first time I was able to visit a site for a project I worked on. It was a retail strip center in San Antonio, Texas, and I could see where the contractor had followed my drawings and where he had deviated. It was so nice to be able to connect their work to mine.

Q. What would your classmates be surprised to know about you now?

A. I am married with three kids — 13, 11 and 11 (yes, twins) — and that I went into “retirement” for 11 years. I went back to work a year ago, and I love it!

Q. What is your favorite memory of Dunwoody?

A. My summer job of creating an as-built CAD file of the Dunwoody Campus. I had to begin with the original blueprints and then climb everywhere with a tape measure and sketch. When I had to print anything, I would send it to the pen plotter and leave for an hour. Plotters have come a long way in 25 years! It was an amazing summer.