Dunwoody’s class of 2017 graduates

More than 450 alumni join Dunwoody’s proud history, most already employed

Last weekend, Dunwoody welcomed more than 450 new alumni to the College’s long and proud history of exceptional graduates. Dunwoody’s 2016-2017 Commencement Ceremony took place on Saturday, May 20, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Dunwoody 2016-2017 Commencement
Dunwoody 2016-2017 Commencement

Rob Borchardt, Associate Director of Career Services, reported that by the time Commencement arrived, 86% of Dunwoody’s 2016-17 graduates were already employed.

Will Steger keynotes Dunwoody Commencement

Environmentalist, Author, Educator, and Polar Explorer Will Steger was the ceremony’s keynote speaker.

Steger—who is working closely with Dunwoody Architecture students on the building of a Dining Hall for the Steger Wilderness Center—commended the College’s applied approach to education:

Dunwoody Commencement Keynote Speaker Will Steger
Dunwoody Commencement Keynote Speaker Will Steger

“Dunwoody’s form of education is hands-on, working one-on-one with faculty, collaborating. It’s a remarkable school,” he said. “When I walk into Dunwoody I see classrooms working as a team, getting to where you can’t get as an individual. We need more education like this.”

He also urged students to make the most out of their degree and to make a positive difference in life.

“You are at the right place, at the right time, with your [Dunwoody] diploma in your hand,” Steger said. “A baton is now passed to you. You are now the teachers, the mentors, the example-setters. It’s not just about getting a good job. It’s about who you are as a human being.”

Student Speaker Danny Treat reflects on Dunwoody experience

Student Speaker Danny Treat, who has accepted a position as a Drafter for leading air conditioning manufacturer Daikin, shared his story of bouncing around various colleges before finding the right fit in Dunwoody’s Engineering Drafting & Design program.

Dunwoody Commencement Student Speaker Danny Treat
Dunwoody Commencement Student Speaker Danny Treat

“The first semester was a revelation,” he said. “Dunwoody had a feel that I had never got from another college. There was a sense of purpose in the air and professionalism in the classrooms.”

He also shared: “The lessons taught and learned aren’t just ones for the classroom either. The determination and perseverance that it takes to complete a degree doesn’t only apply to your career. Those are skills we will use for life. As we move forward in our lives and careers we can lean on our Dunwoody experience with confidence, and know we are well equipped to handle any situation.”

President Rich Wagner inspires Dunwoody grads

After the degrees were awarded and diplomas handed out, President Wagner reminded the graduates that it’s now their turn to build on the legacy created by previous alumni.

Dunwoody President Rich Wagner
Dunwoody President Rich Wagner

“And now, you carry a responsibility to hold fast to the values a Dunwoody education represents and to take with you the challenge of perpetuating Dunwoody’s great reputation through your actions and accomplishments,” he said. “After the pomp and circumstance fades away, I want to remind you that your greatest accomplishments lie ahead of you.”

Congratulations to all of Dunwoody’s 2016-2017 graduates. We wish you well.

Photo credit: Stan Waldhauser Photo/Design

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