For Those Who Are Born to Do

For doers, there’s no better home than at Dunwoody. Here, an entire generation of crafters, problem solvers, and innovators reside to hone their passions into professions.

If you have a drive to do that can’t be sated, then the hands-on learning and practical applications of skill at Dunwoody are definitely right for you.

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Find Your Career Path

You might already know what you want to do at Dunwoody or you may need a little guidance. Explore the educational tracks below, which include more than 40 different degree programs, including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Engineering Drafting and Design student

” I toured a lot of schools, but after touring Dunwoody, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The students and teachers were all so passionate about what they were doing. I chose my program because I could be creative and invent and design new things. “

Bridgett Dalldorf

Engineering, Drafting & Design Second Year