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Source 2019-20 Dunwoody Career Services Annual Report

HVAC Installation & Residential Service

Prepare for a career in the HVAC installation industry—working in a wide array of fields, including residential, commercial, and industrial—with a degree in HVAC Installation & Residential Service.


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Source 2019-20 Dunwoody Career Services Annual Report

Accredited by HVAC Excellence

2 Years

Graduates earn an associate of applied science degree



Sheet Metal Lab Facilities

Sheet Metal Lab

Learn how to develop, fabricate, and install ducts and fittings.
  • Zone system for creating wiring mock ups and three installation trainers for hooking sheet metal, A-coils, venting, gas piping, and electrical to furnaces
  • Shears, punches, lockformers, edgers, folders and formers for cutting, forming and finishing ductwork and fittings
  • 5 hand-operated sheet metal bending machines
  • 3 solder stations and 2 spot welders
Residential Heating and Air Lab

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Lab

Learn about the various types of furnaces and air conditioners used to heat and cool residential buildings.
  • 6 high efficiency condensed force air furnaces and 14 mid-efficiency force air furnaces, all using diverse ignition systems
  • 6 low efficiency furnaces using standing pilot and electronic ignition systems
  • 6 oil-burning, high pressure gun furnaces that use primary control/cad cell ignition
  • 3 electric forced air furnaces; 2 have PC board control; 1 uses sequencers
  • 6 mid-to-high efficiency central air conditioners and 10 low-to-mid efficiency central air conditioners
  • 5 air-to-air heat pumps using all fuel kits to interface with fossil fuel furnaces
  • 1 air handler hooked up with supply ductwork

Motor Lab

Learn the fundamentals of the types of motors used in the HVAC field.
  • 10 various permanent split capacitor 120 and 240 volt motors
  • 10 various split phase 120 and 240 volt motors
  • 8 various capacitor start 120 and 240 volt motors
  • 10 various shade pole-style 120 and 240 volt motors

Electrical/Thermal Science Lab

Learn the basics of electrical and thermal science.
  • Breadboards for electrical experiments and controls
  • Equipment for BTU transfer, gain, and loss experiments
  • A diverse array of air balancing testers and tools