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Dunwoody students sweep national packaging design competition


A team of Dunwoody College of Technology Design & Graphics Technology students won first place in both categories of the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC) Annual Student Packaging Design Competition “Design to an Opportunity.”

The 2014 competition was a three-part structural and graphic design project and 27 colleges nationwide participated. The Dunwoody team–Stephanie Burdorf, Charlotte LaCour, Jenna Weiler, Dan Mueller, Noah Rabinowitz and Finn Pearson–was challenged to create a real-world marketing solution for the College that included a standing display for use at college fairs or on campus; a mailing envelope to send to potential students; and a welcome kit for new students.

“We were judged on the creativity, marketability, design attributes, manufacturing, durability, and ease of assembly for the structure of all three projects,” said team leader Stephanie Burdorf. “We were also judged separately on the graphics of all three projects on how well they created a brand and tied-in with each other to give them all a similar look.”

Graphically, the team used the College’s branding guidelines and in-house photographs, while also incorporating archived photos from the 1920’s and centennial seal to celebrate the College’s 100-year history.

“Structurally, we designed three separate units that would follow the enrollment process for Dunwoody that would allow optimal student retention. The standee is designed to rotate, allowing for viewer interaction as well as utilizing the entire space for attention grabbing graphics and information,” explained Burdorf. “The mailing envelope is designed to create a visually intriguing piece that serves as an attractive and durable folder. And finally, the welcome kit is designed to be handed out to new students as a place to hold all materials gathered throughout their first day experience. This structure was also designed to fit inside a locker, increasing locker sales as well as making it easier for a student to use throughout the year.”

Burdof said the team learned a lot through the competition.

“Not only have we all become more proficient with the Adobe and Esko programs and software, but we also all had a chance to work in a real world setting,” she said. “We had to work as a team, follow a strict timeline, research on what was in place as well as what was needed, find materials, and work with different departments as well as industry partners.”

Dunwoody’s Design & Graphics Technology program has a rich history of winning national competitions, but this is the first non-flexographic win, the first international win, and the largest and deepest in talent in terms of number of schools competing.

“Because of the timing of the competition, we are obliged to compete with first-year students, as no team member can participate after graduation, and the annual AICC deadline is in late June,” said Principal Instructor and Faculty Advisor Pete Rivard. “The four-year universities with their graduate programs typically field teams with juniors, seniors, and even graduate students, each with successive years of competition experience. So this is an absolute David vs. Goliath story, if you amend the details to have David surrounded by dozens of Goliaths.”

The Design & Graphics Technology faculty said they couldn’t be more proud of their students. For the past several years, they have observed North America’s best colleges and universities compete for the AICC recognition, and it was only last year that they felt the College was ready to enter the competition. Last year’s team won second place in both the structural and graphic design categories for their Lifeguard Chair.

Rivard said this year’s team took complete ownership of their project and delivered excellence with little faculty guidance.

The team expressed gratitude for the industry partners who helped bring their standee concept to life: the biggest industry partner Esko, for crucial design software; Liberty Carton-Golden Valley, who supplied the team at no cost with all the freshly manufactured corrugated that they asked for;  Ambassador Press and The Bureau, who provided CAD table time and some large format printing; and Dunwoody admissions and marketing staff members for initial guidance and concept critiques that helped the team design and manufacture marketing and admissions items that had real value.

The team was invited to attend AICC/TAPPI 2014 Corrugated Week, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2014, at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif.  They plan to use their $1,000 cash prize for the AICC contest win to go toward travel expenses to ensure all team members can attend the event. In addition to the monetary award, they will also receive an engraved plaque commemorating their win in the competition.

Dunwoody’s Design & Graphics Technology department offers two-year degrees in Graphic Design and Pre-Media Technologies.



Donaldson Company, Inc.’s generous $25,000 grant to Dunwoody College of Technology’s Youth Career Awareness Program (YCAP) will aid the College in redesigning the program to increase the number of diverse students earning an associate’s degree at Dunwoody in pursuit of a technical career.

The YCAP program makes technical education both appealing and affordable for a diverse population–including students of color, first-generation college students, immigrants, and young women. Beginning in high school and continuing at Dunwoody, YCAP offers mentorship, supplemental academic support, and financial assistance that lead to a path of fulfilling and well-paid careers.

“The face of the Twin Cities is changing—we are quickly becoming a much more diverse community. Yet many of our students of color and young women still do not consider a technical career when planning for their future,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management Collette Garrity. “To maintain our region’s robust economy, it is important that all of our young people have the opportunity to pursue an education at a great college that will lead to a great career with a great salary. The Donaldson Foundation grant will make it possible for us to create a YCAP 2.0 that will better speak to the needs and dreams of Twin Cities youth.”

The redesign will respond to both the demographic changes and changing employment needs of the region. YCAP 2.0 will have new leadership and other programmatic changes resulting in a stronger, more effective and collaborative program.

“The Donaldson Foundation is excited to support the Dunwoody YCAP program, because we believe in its value and sustainability. It supports education within and around underrepresented communities in which our employees work and live. This aligns well with the mission of our Foundation and we are grateful for the opportunity to help,” said Donaldson Foundation Director Mike Dwyer.

For more information about Dunwoody’s YCAP program, visit

For more information about the Donaldson Foundation, visit



Congratulations to the following students who have been named to Dunwoody College of Technology’s 2014 spring  semester dean’s list.  The students listed received this honor by upholding a 3.5 grade point average or higher.

Amjed Ali
Nicholas Amor
Nathan Anders
Benjamin Anderson
Charles Anderson
Dane Anderson
John Anderson
Patrick Anderson
Peter Anderson
Erik Andreska
Nicholas Arneson
Grant Aslakson
Justin Aune
Tyler Bares
Maria Bebel
Jake Benson-Devine
Stephen Berguetski
Aaron Bivins
Amelia Blakeley
Wade Blanton
Kyle Blouin
William Bobick
Blake Bodine
Colin Bolser
Travis Bonnstetter
Zachary Boyd
Aaron Breid
Brett Broekema
Joseph Brown
Thomas Brown
Timothy Bryant
Timothy Budge
John Bungert
Stephanie Burdorf
Jacob Bursott
Brett Butler
Scott Byzewski
Joseph Cadorette
Cory Cadwell
Jonathan Carlson
Myles Carlson
Thomas Carmichiel
Robert Carson
Drake Chapman
Maxwell Chenoweth
Kevin Clausen
Nicholas Conniff
John Cornelius
Shannon Corpe
Jared Courtney
Jessica Curtis
Brady Dalton
Brian Dehn
Joshua Dehncke
Thomas DeMars
James Demos
Damien Dicken
Mark Donlin
Kent Duffney
Ruben Duran
Timothy Easter
Daniel Emery
Erin Erickson
Nicholas Ernst
Andrew Esch
Nathaniel Evenson
Steven Fay
Allison Fedie
Andrew Flagg
Michael Flahave
James Flannigan
Nicholas Freeland
Nicholas Frostin
Jesse Gable
Sarah Gagnon
Martin Garcia
Joel Greimel
Jacob Gruber
Brady Grummons
Bradley Guetter
Charles Gunderson
Ibrahim Haji
David Hall
Josiah Hanka
Christopher Hansen
Logan Hapy
Christopher Harrington
Ryan Harstad
Benjamin Harvey
Amber Hattenberger
Andrew Haug
Danielle Haugen
Montgomery Have
Brandon Hedberg
Kyle Heitschmidt
Benjamin Hendrikse
Christopher Herd
James Herman
Justin Herman
Serjio Hernandez
Matthew Heshiser
Karl Hilde
Robert Hoagland
David Hofgren
Nathan Hole
Samuel Holtberg
Andrew Hoogenakker
Megan Howell
Andrew Hrbacek
Kyle Huberty
Logan Hunt
Ashley Hurner
Jacob Huseby
Dustin Irmiter
Samuel Isaacson
Randy Iverson
Jamison James
Joel Jameson
Nicholas Jepson
Will Jernigan
Chase Jessen
Chad Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
Molly Johnson
Oladipo Johnson
Andrew Kampa
Evan Kangas
Nicole Kehren
Brent Kirchgasler
Zachariah Klein
Sean Knollmaier
Zeth Knyphausen
Dmitriy Komarov
Joseph Kooiman
Anthony Kopp
Bradley Kovalak
Samuel Kragh
Adam Krause
Edo Krivdic
Maria Ksiazek
Charlotte LaCour
Sean LaFontaine
Matthew Lambert
Meghan Larson
Quinn Larson
Jason Latts
Vincent Lecuyer
Scott Leighton
Ryan Lesetmoe
Christopher Lester
Ari Levie
Brandon Lindberg
Benjamin Little
Alexander Lord
Tanner Luhm
Heidi Lund
Joseph Machtemes
Evan Makinen
Timothy Malkovich
Chad Marchetti
Zachary Martell
Benjamin Marti
Peter McCain
Daniel McCusker
Patrick McDonald
Peter McDonald
Joshua McElhaney
Keegan Melton
Jihad Merrick
Frank Mersch
Kera Messinger
Michael Miazga
Lewis Miller
David Millman
Jason Millner
Alexander Mjos
Jonathon Monson
Maik Mosbach
Daniel Mueller
Jade Murray
Mickey Muza
Joseph Myhre
Nathanial Nagel
John Nelsen
Celina Nelson
Deven Nelson
Benjamin Newkirk-Ledo
Jonathan Newstrom
Joseph Ngaima
Luan Nguyen
Phat Nguyen
Joseph Niewendorp
Maurice Nitti
Al Nobello
Maggie Nordlocken
Michael O’Connor
Sean O’Leary
Nicholas Obermiller
Adam Oknich
Evan Olson
Jerry Opp
Joseph Packer
Joseph Paese
Anthony Palo
Brian Parsons
Alyx Paschke
Jacob Paulus
John Pauly
Timothy Paynter
Ira Peden
Samuel Pederson
Fernando Pereyra
James Persian
Marchel Perzhu
Anthony Petersen
Jon Peterson
David Petit
Deena Pettit
Christopher Pilling
Daniel Piper
Ivan Piskun
Jesse Platzke
Christopher Prose
Vishal Punsammy
Shannon Raines
Cody Reed
Lee Reiners
Timothy Ritter
Brandon Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez Mata
Jorell Rohan
Jonathan Roorda
James Rowell
Christopher Rubio
Jessica Ruscheinsky
Andrew Ryan
Dianna Ryan
Jessica Ryan
David Rybak
Steven Sabalaskey
Nicholas Saeko
Kirsten Sahl
Pete Sajadi
Sean Schaefer
Dennis Schnellman
Matthew Schon
Claire Schuebel
Daniel Schuler
Nicholas Sheridan
Shaun Sheridan
Benjamin Sherman
Matthew Shevich
Benjamin Shiek
Matthew Silvernail
Peter Singleton
Brady Skaurud
Nicolas Skrogstad
Nicole Slaminski
Ian Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Matthew Snyder
Peter Sobolik
Joseph Sohns
Nicholas Stadler
Tanner Stearns
Nicholas Stein
Mike Steinman
Daniel Stellburg
Karl Stoffels
Dmitri Strohman
Collin Sturdevant
Marc Svihel
Aaron Swandal
Brian Swennes
Travis Szkotak
Zaaj Thao
Ryan Tobin
Thang Tran
Sean Tyson
Christopher Uttke
Brian Vang
Jamie VanHauer
Bastian VanHofwegen
Edwin Viehman
Adam Voelker
Kyle Vogt
John Volinkaty
William Walinski
Shelby Walker
Kristin Warren
William Washatka
Caleb Wede
Kenneth Weis
Daniel Wenderski
Scott Wessel
Jacob Wheeler
Derek Whitcomb
Jason White
Jacob Whiteoak
Curtis Wilcox-Schowalter
David Willenbring
Amanda Williams
Anya Williams
Michael Wilson
Jeffrey Wiplinger
Douglas Wojack
Jesse Wold
Craig Woodward
Joe Yang
Pheng Yang
Matthew Yank
Craig Yundt
Roman Zastavskiy
Mathias Zoubek


Dunwoody history pictorial show, Alumni & Friends Reception July 17

Mill City MuseumAlumni & Friends Reception and Pictorial Show at Mill City Museum–Thursday, July 17

Join us from 6 to 8 p.m. for a very special evening of history, friendship and celebration at the Mill City Museum,  704 S. 2nd Street, Minneapolis, for the Alumni & Friends Reception and Dunwoody College Pictorial History Display.

No RSVP is required. Alumni, friends and the public are welcome.

For further information contact, or call 612-381-3064.
Dunwoody College, celebrating its Centennial in 2014, will hold a pictorial show at Mill City Museum highlighting the College’s history and the impact Dunwoody has had on the local community – from the founders William and Kate Dunwoody, to the present day.  Featuring historic photographs of the past 100 years, the show will run through Oct. 5.

William H. Dunwoody was the primary share holder of Washburn Crosby Company (now General Mills) and his involvement in the greater milling community was instrumental in making Minneapolis the Flour Milling Capital of the World for 50 years – it was Mill City.  Dunwoody is delighted to join with Mill City Museum a hundred years later to celebrate this relationship.

William and Kate Dunwoody were prominent citizens of their time and helped build many significant institutions that survive in today – General Mills, Wells Fargo, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Northwestern National Bank, and of course Dunwoody College of Technology.

Dunwoody College’s influence continues today as a leader in technical education and a producer of alumni who continue to make an impact on the community.  Alums such as M.A. Mortenson (Mortenson Construction), Howard Lund (Lund Boats), and Maurice Wagner (Morrie’s Automotive) are just a few examples of Dunwoody Colleges continued impact on the community.


Leading Technical College Rolls Out More Stackable Courses

Dunwoody College of Technology, one of the country’s longest running technical colleges, is to begin graduating bachelor degree students in Architecture. The announcement follows approval from the Higher Learning Commission and comes as part of Dunwoody’s plans to expand their selection of stackable education programs.

Dunwoody also received eligibility for candidacy with the National Architectural Accreditation Board, which will soon allow graduates to receive a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree and become licensed architects.

The College is currently accepting applications for freshmen starting in fall 2014 and will begin accepting current students, alumni and transfer students into year three of the program starting in fall 2015. All students will graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture.

“Dunwoody has a long history of training architectural drafters,” says Bridget Reynolds, dean of Construction Sciences & Building Technology. “Discussions with industry and alumni over the past few years have suggested that there is a strong need to bring the Dunwoody model of applied education to preparing students to become licensed architects.”

The program is structured as a two plus three stackable credential, awarding an Associate of Applied science degree after the first two years and a Bachelor of Architecture degree upon completion of the final three years.

In their first, immersive two years of study, students will become experts in current design and building technologies, making them ideal employees in building design and construction industries. In their final three years, they will then become leaders in the profession of architecture as well as in the advancement of design and building technologies.

“This method flips the standard model of architectural education,” says John Dwyer, Senior Instructor of Architectural Drafting & Design. “Usually it’s abstract thinking first, technical proficiency second. This model allows students to become very employable very early in their education. And, much like Picasso who began with technical figure drawing, it gives students foundational knowledge to draw from, giving them a stronger ability to apply abstract thinking. This way, theory, history, design, leadership, research and everything else can be taught within the hands-on, project-based Dunwoody model.”

Enrolled participants in the program will have the opportunity to collaborate with students in other Dunwoody technical programs such as Interior Design, Construction Management, and Machine Tool Technology. This will help them develop skills in communicating with professionals in other fields while learning to manage design challenges within real-world applications.

For more details on the program, visit:

# # #

About Dunwoody College of Technology

Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is the only private, not-for-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. It provides a hands-on, applied technical education to men and women who go on to have meaningful and rewarding careers. Located on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis, the College is currently celebrating its Centennial year.

Dunwoody is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. The commission’s web address and phone number are: and 312-263-0456.

Dunwoody was featured on “Life to the Max” May 17

Mike Max took a tour of Dunwoody College through its 100 years of history to the present day for his Life to the Max TV Show that highlights stories of perseverance, tenacity and winning attitudes.

If you missed the episode that aired on May 17, you can watch it at

 Mike Max takes a tour of Dunwoody College of Technology through its 100 years of history to the present day. A generous gift left by William Hood Dunwoody in his will started the Minneapolis technical college in 1914 and since then its reputation for excellence continues to grow. Mike meets with instructors, current students and wildly successful alumni of Dunwoody to find out what makes the college and its culture breed success.

“Life to the Max” is sponsored by Lifetouch and produced by Lifetouch Media Productions.

For more information about Life to the Max, visit

Computer Technology adds evening program in Web Development

Starting fall 2014 Web Development will be offered as an evening program at Dunwoody College.

The Web Development program provides graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to design, create and maintain websites that are well-coded, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, useful, data-driven and user-friendly.

According to Principal Instructor Kevin Wendt, many potential students first question is “can I do this at night?” The evening option gives working students more flexibility to start and stay in the program.

Principal Instructor Kevin Wendt answers student Molly Johnson’s Web Development questions during a daytime class.

“This program allows prospective students to get the key skills they need to get a job in the web development industry, while still holding a day job,” he said. “Financial implications are a major stress for today’s students, and being able to hold a job, possibly even a full-time job, while going to school can be a big relief.”

The offering joins the College’s day program in Web Programming & Database development.  The main difference between the two programs is that the evening program has a lower amount of database coursework.

Both programs are continuously changing to align with industry needs.

“New technologies, new approaches, and best practices in our area are always changing, so our curriculum is updating constantly to keep up,” Wendt said.  “When you get done, you shouldn’t be two years behind the curve, you should be as close to the cutting edge as we can get.”

For more information about Dunwoody’s Web Development program, visit or email Wendt at


Design & Graphics Technology’s new iGen4 Diamond Edition digital press


New Xerox iGen4 Press puts Dunwoody at the cutting edge of graphics arts education

Minneapolis, MN–Dunwoody College of Technology has demonstrated its commitment to serving the needs of the graphics and printing industry in Minnesota by working with MOTG/Xerox to acquire a Xerox iGen4™ Diamond Edition digital press.

“Print remains a crucial component of our industry, especially in the Twin Cities,” said Gerald Timmreck, manager of Design & Graphics Technology. “Dunwoody has served the graphics and printing industry for 100 years. Bringing in the Xerox iGen4 reaffirms the College’s commitment to providing a comprehensive, hands on graphic arts education so that the industry has the skilled workforce it needs to continue to thrive.”

“Our goal when this project started last year was to help create a strategy and curriculum that would put Dunwoody at the leading edge of Graphic Design and Digital Print Education,” said Larry Mustful, Production Solutions Manager – MOTG- a Xerox Company. “That is exactly what MOTG did by integrating the Xerox iGen4 and XMPie® Cross Media Suite to Dunwoody’s curriculum. Today, Dunwoody with the help of MOTG, will be able to teach students in an environment that demonstrates digital print from creation to fulfillment to deliver top talent press operators and designers to the upper mid-west marketplace.”

In addition to using it to train press operators, Design & Graphics Technology will incorporate theXerox iGen4™ Diamond Edition and the capabilities it brings with it into the curriculum for both the graphic design and pre-media technologies programs, thus providing students an applied, relevant, real-world education.

The decision to bring the iGen4 was guided by four major factors:

  1. The capabilities that come with the digital press plus Xerox’s other industry leading technologies. For example, the press also includes a C.P. Bourg BDFx Document Finisher, which is a fully automated in-line signature booklet maker.
  2. The fact that a large number of print companies and shops in the Twin Cities also use an iGen4
  3. The increasing relevance of digital printing to the field as well as rapid improvements in digital printing technology
  4. The opportunity to work with MOTG/Xerox to make sure that the curriculum Dunwoody offers its students reflects the latest advances in the field

The press will also help Dunwoody Print Services better serve its internal clients at the College which will lead to both cost savings and better produced print projects.

MOTG – A Xerox Company is among the Twin Cities’ largest and most respected consultancy firms specializing in workflow assessment and optimization. Our business is uniquely positioned to help companies understand true cost breakdown, asset deployment, usage patterns and volumes along with the development of sustainable working practices and continuous improvement initiatives. MOTG has successfully led Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations – in every industry from healthcare to education and manufacturing – to achieve better financial results, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact. XEROX®, XEROX and Design® are trademarks of Xerox in the United States and/or other countries. XMPie® is a trademark of XMPie, A Xerox Company.

Founded in 1914, Dunwoody College of Technology is the only private, not-for-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. It has provided a hands-on, applied technical education to more than 250,000 men and women, who in turn have gone on to meaningful and rewarding careers. Located on the western edge of downtown Minneapolis, the College is currently celebrating its Centennial year.